Will Reisman’s Best of 2015: Treasure Island Music Festival

While it's almost always overshadowed by the more prominent Outside Lands fest in Golden Gate Park, the Treasure Island Music Festival has long been the Bay Area’s most consistent source for excellent and eclectic musical offerings in a multi-day setting. Outside Lands’ something-for-everyone philosophy is nice, but it can dilute the event’s daily lineups. Treasure Island’s formula for presenting electronic-based, hip-hop and R&B artists on the first day, and rock and punk acts on the second day gives attendees a clear set of expectations. And because it’s not trying to sell 50,000 tickets, the festival curators can be more adventurous [...]

Nicholas Schneider’s best musical moments of 2015

Where the hell did this year go? I’m sure we all say this by the time Christmas rolls around, rearing its pimply, red-and-green-splotched face, reminding us to stimulate the economy by buying stuff that’s just gonna end up in a trash can or forgotten on some already over-cluttered shelf by this time next year. But, all ranting aside, this year did zip by particularly fast for me. Entering my first year of grad school, there were many late-night seminars that found me physically exhausted from a weekend of shows, struggling to dissect the deeper themes inherent in Melville’s short stories [...]

Roman Gokhman’s favorite concerts of 2015

Welcome to my annual countdown of the most entertaining music experiences of the year. I only went to 41 concerts. Life commitments and a family took a higher priority. But then again, I enjoy profiling an artist over critiquing the music. I put more thought into the concerts I attended, so I think this compilation is still “deserving,” whatever that means. Still, some iconic and talented performers didn’t make my top 10: No Elton John or AC/DC, Royal Blood or Kacey Musgraves (who both came close), no Mumford and Sons or Duran Duran. Those of you who have read my previous [...]

The 2015 Playlist: Listen to 175 songs released by San Francisco Bay Area bands this year

This year, The Bay Bridged published over 1000 articles spotlighting the best of independent music, including coverage of over 200 San Francisco Bay Area bands. To take stock of all of the great local music released this year, we pored over the wealth of stories we've written about local acts over the past twelve months and gathered this massive Spotify mega-playlist of 175 songs released by San Francisco Bay Area bands in 2015. Yes, this playlist includes eleven and a half hours of music from a very wide range of genres. It's a collection that demonstrates that an amazing number [...]

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Jody’s best album of 2015: Ezra Furman’s “Perpetual Motion People”

Ezra Furman really seems to speak to depressed people. As you all learned last year, my mom died in the summer of 2014. I was fine...for a while. The loss wasn’t sudden — it didn't put me in bed for months on end or convince me to stop eating. It just left me feeling kinda "...What now?" So I filled my time with a bunch of temporary distractions: going to shows, buying out my ModCloth wishlist, even taking a 10-day jaunt to Europe with some of the money my mom left me. But I still felt...wrong. It started as physical [...]

Mixtape: 2015 Highlights from San Francisco Bay Area Indie Music

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/2015_Highlights_Mix.mp3 Download: Mixtape: 2015 Highlights from San Francisco Bay Area Indie Music (Podcast #377) At The Bay Bridged, we always bristle a little at the prospect of attempting to sum up a full year of the local independent music scene in a single retrospective podcast mixtape. Such a challenge is especially difficult in a place like the Bay Area, where year in, year out, a wide variety of talented local musicians release compelling and impressive albums, a great many of which gain acclaim well beyond the Bay's borders. Instead of trying to identify some objective list of the "ten best" [...]

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