Best of 2014: Sarah Sexton of Oaktown Indie Mayhem on Waterstrider

Maybe it’s my constant vocal adoration of them, or the fact that I’m prone to ignoring anyone around me when their music starts to play, but somehow I’m pretty sure you all know what I’m going to say. My favorite band of 2014 is, without a doubt, so super seriously, Waterstrider. As a live set, whether focusing on lead singer Nate Salman’s wildly captivating falsetto vocals, Brijean Murphys’ deliciously flavorful percussion, Scott Brown properly holding it down on the bass, Walker Johnson delivering it like a beast on drums, or Drew Brown solidifying the deal with his tasty synth and [...]

Best of 2014: Patrick Brown of Different Fur Studios on K.Flay

Obsessed w this record. A photo posted by Carly Rae Jepsen (@carlyraejepsen) on Jul 7, 2014 at 11:38pm PDT I wanna be the best I wanna wake up feeling like I fucking slept I wanna prove you wrong, that my story isn't written I wanna be something gold, I wanna be someone different There is often an immediacy that comes with an artist who feels pent up, but not everyone who gets set free ends up writing their All Eyez On Me . . . sometimes the wait takes the energy away and the moment for that voice passes. [...]

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Best of 2014: Jody Amable’s best show of the year

A photo posted by Jody (@jodyamable) on Jul 7, 2014 at 12:33am PDT My mom died on July 26th, 2014. On July 29th, I went to see Andrew Jackson Jihad at the Rio in Santa Cruz, just like I had planned. By 5pm on July 25th, the doctors had told us she was going to die. And among the many, many thoughts I had in the beginning was “ . . . How long does dying take?” My mom had been sick enough to require almost constant assistance for the last four years, but my parents always encouraged me to [...]

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Best of 2014: Nicholas Schneider’s best moments

I don’t know where to begin. Should I start at the Warfield doors telling the box office, “I’m with the press,” feeling my ego swell as they hand me a ticket to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, my teenage fantasy of living an Almost Famous-like rock n’ roll journalist existence coming one step closer to reality? Or maybe I should start with Future Twin rattling my brain at an art house in the Mission to raise awareness for an environmental non-profit, the venue about ten sizes too small for their brand of screeching indie rock/punk/chaos. I could present [...]

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Best of 2014: Roman Gokhman’s favorite shows

Photo by Paige K. Parsons Last year I predicted I would never see as many concerts as I did in 2013, and I was right. Having two kids can do that to any guy, even a music journalist. From 64 shows the previous year, I was only able to attend 40 in 2014. That number will probably drop again next year. In judging what I enjoyed most, I decided to grade based on my favorites rather than the “best.” This is a subjective list, so I’m not going to try to decide who performed best. As in previous years, I set [...]

MBL’s 2014: best of the best of the blah blah blah

As we head toward the end of 2014, we'll be running a series of looks back at the year in music. Here's our man MBL's report on his 2014 musical highlights. UV Race - Racism Yeah, let's talk about Racism. Maybe we need a fresh perspective...from some outsiders. There is something in the water down under. Released in 2012, this is the third LP from Melbourne's UV Race. I listened to it more than anything else this year. It also became my gateway drug into the Melbourne scene. The members of UV Race play in a few other bands (okay, [...]

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