Here's all of our Best of 2013 coverage!

As 2014 begins, here's a look back at all of the great "Best of 2013" entries we've run over the past few weeks. In addition to all of these articles, we also posted this mixtape of 2013 highlights, and this massive playlist of over a hundred releases by local bands last year. Our Best of 2013 coverage: Eric Barleen of Another Planet Entertainment wrote about Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers, discussing how 2013 became "the year of the Grambler" Jason Shane collected some of The Bay Bridged’s best coverage of the year, including important stories about art and technology, [...]

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Best of 2013: Jason Shane on The Bay Bridged's best coverage of the year

2013 was a memorable year for the Bay Area independent music scene, with both established acts and up-and-comers making waves far and wide, local labels and studios thriving and expanding in number, and the region's musicians providing unending opportunities to catch great live performances at our ever-growing grouping of unique local venues. It was also a year of great change, with the departure of scene stalwarts to supposedly greener or, at the very least, more affordable pastures (Ty Segall and John Dwyer), and the heartbreaking loss of one too-young local luminary in his fight against cancer (Steve Brodsky). Like all [...]

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Best of 2013: Daniel Senter’s 2013 East Bay highlights

I joined The Bay Bridged staff as a Production Associate last spring, and it has been endlessly enjoyable to be pulled deeper into the sonic recesses of the Bay Area’s various scenes by TBB. As an Oakland resident, my Best of list just happened to trend toward the Bay’s warmer side, so I went with it. A few 2013 East Bay highlights, in no particular order: Glenn Jackson – Morning Swim EP The sounds are bright, breathy, and totally groovy. This three song solo debut from Oakland’s Glenn Jackson is house music to be enjoyed outside – whether on a [...]

Best of 2013: Marc Ribak on Pookie and the Poodlez

It must have been about a year ago that I was eating a bowl of pasta at a friend's place in Oakland, and my friend says that his roommate made me a present. That sounds kinda weird man. But what was even weirder, was that this kid who I didn't know, glued a handwritten note and a cassette tape addressed to me to the door of his room. The room belonged to Trevor Straub of Pookie and the Poodlez. Trevor wasn't home that evening, and it would still be a couple months before I'd meet this guy or see his [...]

Best of 2013: Roman Gokhman's favorite concerts of 2013

Introduction and special considerations I doubt I’ll ever get to go to as many concerts as I did in 2013 again. My goal was see 50, and I saw 64. In judging what I enjoyed most, I decided to grade based on my favorites rather than the “best.” “Best” means being objective, which of course is very difficult, and everyone will have their own list. Picking “favorites” takes away the onus that “my list is more accurate than yours.” Just like last year, I set a few rules for myself. Opening acts don’t count - though as you see below, [...]

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Playlist: Over 100 SF Bay Area bands that released new music in 2013

Browse through the archives on The Bay Bridged and you'll see that a ton of local artists released exciting new singles, EPs and albums this year. Over a hundred, in fact. We've already served up a podcast of thirteen Bay Area highlights from the year in local music, but here's a playlist collecting songs from over 100 releases by local bands that we covered on The Bay Bridged this year. It's a wide-ranging collection of indie rock, electronic pop, folk, and hip hop, but it's a testament to the amazing talent pool we've got here in the Bay Area. Enjoy! [...]

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Best of 2013: MBL's "Pain & Prejudice, 2013 in Review — Nitrous, Norco and Novocaine"

Dikes of Holland, Beerland, SXSW 2013 2013 marks the loss of my last baby tooth. Pulled in early December, I'd like you to share the journey... Place the mask on your face and breathe deeply through your nose. It's time to reflect on another year in music. When You Were Young by Yea-Ming Click HERE and join Yea-Ming Chen on her latest solo vision: When You Were Young. 2013 was a wild year for Yea-Ming. She married Greg Ashley and moved into the Ghost Town Gallery. They nearly moved to Austin, but thankfully we get to keep 'em. Her new [...]

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Announcing our Best of 2013 series!

A brief programming note: 2013 was another stellar year for Bay Area music, and, as the year winds to a close, we'll be running a number of retrospectives from our staff, collecting their thoughts on the year's highlights. We've also invited a number of notable folks in the local music and arts communities about their highlights from Bay Area music in 2013, for a series of guest posts we'll be posting over the next few weeks. Other local music news blogging will be slowing down as the holidays approach, but we'll return in full force in the new year. Enjoy [...]

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