Up-and-coming R&B artist Berel drops new single, “Simple”

In 2014, a young Berel Alexander was coming back home from New Orleans when he decided to record himself playing guitar at the airport. He'd brought his guitar to all kind of places before, but, as evidenced in the viral video of the incident, the hallway concert went a bit differently this time. A guy only known as "Dwayne" came up to fist-bump Berel, but as he was walking away he turned back around and started rapping to the guitar. Berel started playing chords off the top of his head to keep up with Dwayne's flow. The song ends with [...]

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New Sound, New Me: A quick Q&A with Berel

Singer-songwriter Berel has been doing this music thing for a while. But recently, he dropped the second half of his name (formerly going by Berel Alexander), got a haircut, and linked up with some of the dudes at Text Me Records to forge a new identity ready for the R&B/soul space, debuting his newest single "Simple" last month. We spoke with Berel about his humble beginnings (skipping the part on his viral YouTube video) and what to expect from him in 2018. The Bay Bridged: Your SoundCloud currently only has four songs on it, but there's tons of stuff of [...]

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