With new album, art-rock band Bent Knee visits Café du Nord

This Friday, August 4, Boston art-rock band Bent Knee will bring their energetic and vibrant live show to San Francisco's Café du Nord. The group's fourth full-length and first major label record in their eight year history, Land Animal, was released on June 23, less than a year after 2016's Say So. Land Animal contains 10 tracks that offer colorful commentary on the complexity of contemporary global issues. "Life on earth primarily evolved out of the ocean, a habitat in which organisms freely move in three dimensions. Creatures outside of that environment, however, engage in a constant battle with gravity," violinist Chris Baum [...]

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Bent Knee: leading you down the rabbit hole one song at a time

The music of Bent Knee comes from another dimension. At least, that is the truth I choose to believe because otherwise their new album Shiny Eyed Babies, to be officially released this fall, would completely shatter my perception of reality. There’s no way human beings can possibly create music that is so strangely absorbing and absolutely incomprehensible at the same time. It’s like that time you watched Un Chien Andalou stoned at your film-major friend’s dorm room--you were pretty sure you were watching a masterpiece but simultaneously sickened by the fact that someone was brilliantly twisted enough to write, direct and [...]

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The Big Rock Show with Bent Knee, A Yawn Worth Yelling

The Art Boutiki's Big Rock Show series is often heavy on the local talent, but this month they'll be playing host to some touring East Coasters--Boston art outfit Bent Knee on July 2. Bent Knee are a product of the Berklee College of Music—which shouldn't surprise anyone, as they're associated with an eclectic conglomeration of artists back home, from Amanda Palmer to Dropkick Murphys, and are famous for taking traditional classical instruments in directions no one ever expected. A tireless touring act, the band is passing through Northern California this week as they inch closer to the July 19 release [...]

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