Review: Beerijuana, Smooth Sailing, Granted Earth @ The Blank Club, SJ, 5/30/12

The name Beerijuana practically begs for a snarky remark — or 27 — or 420... Heh. But the fact of the matter is, unfortunate name or not, these guys are brutal. They melt faces. And their lead singer, Paul "The Prophet" is a tank, so watch what you say. Beerijuana descended upon The Blank Club in San Jose on Wednesday, May 30, with their pummeling, thrashy, metalcore sound — powering through tributes to intoxication, fist fights and hangovers with blast beats, alternating banshee-gutteral screaming and plenty of djent. This band draws a rough crowd — burly bikers, burnouts and serious drunks. [...]

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