Mixtape: New Releases from Some of the Bay Area’s Best Record Labels

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Record_Labels_2016_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: New Releases from Some of the Bay Area's Best Record Labels (Podcast #393) Support for this podcast is provided by Goldstar. Visit their web site at goldstar.com/thebaybridged The post first ran on KQED.org. A record label may not be a necessity for a musician in 2016, considering the remarkable ease with which anyone can record an album and put it out into the world, and its benefits may not be obvious to some, given the precarious state of the music industry as a whole. Still, amidst the sea of countless new releases every week, there's undeniable value [...]

Video Premiere: Beekeepers, “Game Over”

Photo: Nicolas Cubillos Marroquin After taking a brief hiatus over the last year, Oakland trio Beekeepers released their debut proper album last month, Varroa Mites on Vacant Stare. Beekeepers are currently touring Europe, but they've given their friendly hometown blog a video for their song "Game Over" to share with their friendly hometown fans. Fittingly shot on a Game Boy camera and VHS by The Grassy Null's Michael Zamora and Kyle Day (who is also a Beekeeper), the vid depicts a frantic and twisted video game wrapped in Grassy Null's "Professional DIY" aesthetic. Check it out below. https://youtu.be/GJ6Z-5-uTQE How would [...]

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Frozen Folk premiere “Cat Converters” video

Oakland's Frozen Folk have released a twitchy retro video for "Cat Converters", and the one question everyone is asking is, "What the hell does that title mean?" I'm sorry to say, this video doesn't hold the answer. It just shows the band sporting some unsettling pasted-on smiles (and hair), and looks like it was made using technology that peaked around the time Bob Saget was hosting America's Funniest Home Videos. "Cat Converters" comes from this year's Sleepy EP, available via Breakup Records. Look out for Frozen Folk at the Stork Club on September 24 with The Peels, Brazil and Beekeepers. [...]

Get to know: Beekeepers

If there's one thing that Oakland's Beekeepers have at their disposal, it's recognition. The sound can quite easily be described as a "shit storm" personified. Playing a hyperactive mixture of noisy, synth-laden punk and garage rock - there's comfort in knowing that the band doesn't take the predictable route of a few melodies here and there, a hook-filled chorus, and so on. There's screaming, punchy guitar riffs, and frenetic synth playing with a scuzzy, abrasive film placed over it all with care. Beekeepers has the rarity of having a sound that's easily distinguishable and all their own. And did I mention the [...]

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