Mixtape: Stellar Musicians with Bay Area Roots

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Bay_Area_Roots_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Stellar Musicians with Bay Area Roots (Podcast #403) This episode first appeared on KQED.org. We showcase a ton of new and emerging Bay Area bands on these mixtapes every month, but have far fewer opportunities to revisit artists after they move away from the region. In this mixtape, we catch up with eleven acts with Bay Area roots, including Harriet Brown, who grew up in the Bay Area before heading to LA, where he's now poised to have a breakout year. Others, including Cotillon, spent fewer, but no less impactful years in the local music scene; for [...]

Taxes releasing ‘It Never Ends’, play shows at Slim’s and Bottom of the Hill (UPDATE: stream the whole album via Bandcamp)

It's pretty clear from the opening lines of Taxes’ press bio that frontman Robby Cronholm isn't interested in letting anything distract from the music – especially not something like, well, a bio. Hey, at least he's honest and has a wicked sense of humor to boot: Some bios are ironic and filled with lies. This one is not. Robby Cronholm has tried and, for the most part, loved the following forms of therapy: Hypnotherapy. Equine therapy. EST. Release technique. Aqua therapy. Raiki. Kundalini. Past-Life Regression. Sand Box Therapy. Art Therapy. Transcendental Meditation. Jungian. Freudian. Psychoanalytical. Acupuncture. Singing Bowls. Etc. And [...]

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Giveaway: Music Video Race results show at the Independent with Rin Tin Tiger

It's hard enough to create a decent-looking music video with little constraints—imagine being asked to come up with the premise, execution, and final project in only 48 hours. That was the mission of some of the Bay Area's finest break out artists, who were given a meager budget and paired with star filmmakers to create a stunning, brand new music video in just two days for the third annual Music Video Race. Finally, it's almost time to reveal the final projects, including Rin Tin Tiger, Rich Girls, and Lemme Adams, as they go head to head in the July 20 judging of the [...]

Music Video Race is back!

Now that summer is basically in full swing, it's time to starting thinking about this year's Music Video Race! Expanding beyond San Francisco, the Music Video Race has gone national this year with installments in Los Angeles and Austin. The Austin installment will begin in September, followed by the LA installment in November. The filmmaking weekend for the San Francisco installment of this year's Music Video Race will take place, July 11-13, followed by the premiere party on July 20 at The Independent. For those unfamiliar with the event, Music Video Race pairs emerging filmmakers with musicians, charged with the [...]

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