What’s Happening This Weekend? A Guide To Shows Around The Bay, Dec 2 – Dec 4

Magik*Magik plays tonight at Swedish American Music Hall with Frail Ophelias and Rose Droll. Friday, December 2 DonCat, We Arsons, Dogcatcher @ Milk Bar The two-night year-ender-bender in celebration of DonCat's LP release of Easy Cowboy starts tonight! Expect an all local crew of bands for this #EasyCowboy event. Sad13, Vagabon, Lisa Prank @ The Hemlock Tavern Sad13 is Sadie Dupuis' (frontwoman of Speedy Ortiz) entirely solo project. All production and composition is her own, and she lets things get weird (in a very good way) with the guitar effects. Also on the bill and worthy of a shout-out is [...]

Mixtape: New Releases from Some of the Bay Area’s Best Record Labels

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Record_Labels_2016_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: New Releases from Some of the Bay Area's Best Record Labels (Podcast #393) Support for this podcast is provided by Goldstar. Visit their web site at goldstar.com/thebaybridged The post first ran on KQED.org. A record label may not be a necessity for a musician in 2016, considering the remarkable ease with which anyone can record an album and put it out into the world, and its benefits may not be obvious to some, given the precarious state of the music industry as a whole. Still, amidst the sea of countless new releases every week, there's undeniable value [...]

Noise Pop: Diane Coffee commands the crowd

Diane Coffee (photo: Jon Bauer) There was nothing un-charismatic about the lineup for this Noise Pop show on Febuary 23, 2016 at Brick & Mortar. Every single band had a different type of charisma that engaged the crowd. Dick Stusso had the charisma of a suave and slightly intoxicated cowboy. Be Calm Honcho had the charisma of a young Dolly Parton who knew how to successfully use Twitter. Hazel English had the charisma of your grade-school crush and best friend who never seemed to give up on you. Diane Coffee had the charisma of a cult leader and motivational speaker who [...]

Behind the Music: How Local Musicians are Paying the Bills (Part Three)

As this series continues, I have found that though they're ascending post late night performance and punching the clock on the daily, your favorite local artists actually love their day jobs. Further, they're inspired by them. In this round of interviews, I had a blast absorbing the passion that these three all have for their day jobs-- a passion that underscores and overflows into their theatrical sounds. I asked these three quirky local artists the same five questions to find out a little more about what they're up to during the day. Patrick Dale Smith: Battlehooch // Attendant at Musée Mécanique 1. In what way does [...]

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Great American Spirit Ball comes to Great American Music Hall

Wildly described as "a pageant of bizarre and the occasion to channel the spirit animal inside of us all" by Be Calm Honcho band member Shannon Harney, this Saturday at the Great American Music Hall will feature The Great American Spirit Hall, with Royal Jelly Jive, Be Calm Honcho, Rainbow Girls and Brass Magic. Brass Magic, probably best known as the band who plays at Madrone Art Bar every Tuesday in the city (and who I've admittedly dropped important plans to go check out) will be opening the night, bringing their big, hip-hop-rap-soul-infused dixieland jazz band sound to open the night. Rainbow [...]

Premiere: Radiation City – “Stutter” (see them at Rickshaw this Sunday)

Portland's Radiation City has always been one of the more sonically adventurous indie pop bands out there. They are known for riffing off of bossa nova, '60s girl groups, and ethereal synth pop in endlessly absorbing ways, and new track "Stutter"—which the Bay Bridged is pleased to premiere today—adds yet another hue to their sonic palette. "It's a bit of a sneak peek into the ever evolving sound that is Radiation City," says vocalist and keyboardist Lizzy Ellison of the track, which is a b-side from an album the band is currently working on and planning to put out next [...]

Be Calm Honcho to bring dreamy rock sound to Rickshaw Stop

Be Calm Honcho, local dreamy, rock 'n' roll band, will be playing Rickshaw Stop this Sunday, October 5, marking a great move forward for the band that only started in early-2013 in the San Francisco music scene. The band's full length debut Honcho Dreams just came out this summer, and is a testament to the powerhouse vocals of frontwoman Shannon, and the ability to create catchy and sensational soft rock from the rest of the band. Honcho Dreams is the epitome of California haze, a focus on lyrical content and move past just catchy melodies and tunes. It's a fun, eclectic, and [...]

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Be Calm Honcho captures their California vibe

San Francisco indie outfit Be Calm Honcho is captivating the hearts of listeners with the chilled-out, hip-swaying pop tunes of their debut LP, Honcho Dreams, which officially dropped on Crossbill Records just last month. With the music video for the record's stand-out track, "I Love California", the band manages to encapsulate their serene and slinky energy while also capturing an imitable California vibe, though not in the obvious sun-drenched way often associated with our home state. Though the video does show off some familiar scenes -- unmarked bodies of water, mountainous cactus sculptures, reservoirs and tree groves just off the freeway, the power lines [...]

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Be Calm Honcho to celebrate record release at Rickshaw Stop

Local indie group Be Calm Honcho will be celebrating the release of their debut album, HONCHO DREAMS, at the Rickshaw Stop next week. The band combines styles that draw from their disparate backgrounds that range from Louisiana to California. Frontwoman Shannon Harney brings an elegant punch to the band's sound, adding an edginess that makes the band stand out beyond other bubbly indie rock groups. Their music is calming and soothing, but still manages to deliver a sharp feeling that is clean, precise, and intoxicating. HONCHO DREAMS by Be Calm Honcho "Always My Fault" is a eclectic digression from the rest [...]

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Be Calm Honcho to play the Milk Bar

Local group Be Calm Honcho will be headlining a show this weekend at the Milk Bar. The band's sound, which is funky, smooth, and jam-like is definitely an outlier when it comes to music that is rising out of the Bay Area scene. Shannon, the lead singer of the band, has a classic feel to her voice, folding in styles from other genres to bring a rounded sound to their music. Their instrumentation is stern and not too flashy, but still intriguing. This all brings a much larger emphasis to Shannon's vocal capabilities and showmanship -- the music revolves around her [...]

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