Ensemble Economique, Hether Fortune, Vestals playing REPLICANT show on Valentine’s Day

Hether Fortune If you're still considering your options for Valentine's Day nightlife, REPLICANT is bringing a darkly romantic lineup to The Night Light in Oakland this Friday with Ensemble Economique, (Sir) Hether Fortune, and Vestals. As we announced last month, experimental/industrial-oriented dance series REPLICANT is back for its third Bay Area party of 2014. In addition to the three main performers, Friday's foggy ambiance will be rounded out with a Barn Owl DJ set and paintings by Paris Hynes. California's Brian Pyle is returning to the Bay Area as Ensemble Economique with a "devastating set of isolationist drone." [...]

Mixtape: San Francisco's Newest Psychedelic Sounds (Podcast #306)

Mixtape: San Francisco's Newest Psychedelic Sounds (Podcast #306) It's almost 18 months since we last did a psych-focused mixtape, which means there's quite a bit to catch up on. The Bay continues to be a vital source for top-notch mind-expanding bands, whether it's the heady drones of Carlton Melton and Date Palms, or the swaggering rock of Glitter Wizard and Coo Coo Birds. Several of the groups included here have new records either out now or coming out soon. Prolific instrumental duo Barn Owl just released its fifth album, V, on Thrill Jockey; meanwhile, cosmic rock group Lumerians is serving [...]

Remote View trilogy concludes at The Lab with Barn Owl (record release), Max & Mara, Vereker this Friday, 4/5/13

This Friday will bring a close to the Remote View live aural trilogy at The Lab in San Francisco. Conceived by Evan Caminiti, Sky Madden, Lisa McGee, and Jon Porras, Remote View kicked off back in February, followed by the second installment in March. Caminiti (who played the first Remote View as Painted Caves) and Porras (who played the second installment as Vallens) will headline the final event together as Barn Owl, with Max & Mara and Vereker also performing live. Remote View is a unique audio-visual experience combining live experimental music with a variety of visual elements including film [...]

Barn Owl members release solo albums

Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras of the SF drone guitar duo Barn Owl have each released a new solo album this summer. Caminiti's hazy, atmospheric Dreamless Sleep is out now from Thrill Jockey. Meanwhile, Porras — under the hard-to-pronounce new moniker DVVLLXNS — gives us the electronic LXTVNY EP. Stream Dreamless Sleep standout "Fading Dawn" and the entire LXTVNY EP below. PS: I wouldn't necessarily condone listening to Dreamless Sleep right before bed — there's a foggy, menacing beauty to Caminiti's music that makes sleep seem uncomfortably close to death. LXTVNY EP by DVVLLXNS

Thrill Jockey Records 20th Anniversary Show going down in SF on 12/13/12

Thrill Jockey is planning one hell of a twentieth anniversary celebration for itself. Actually, make that celebrations. The venerable Chicago-based record label is throwing itself birthday shows in its hometown as well as LA, London, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Baltimore, and our fair city. The lineup for the San Francisco show is typical of these gigs' awesomeness, including Liturgy, Wooden Shjips, Trans Am, and Barn Owl, to name just a few of the acts on the bill. Thrill Jockey's San Francisco show celebrating its twentieth anniversary is December 13th at The Independent. The label is also celebrating this milestone with re-issues of [...]

No Voices: A Collection of Bay Area Instrumental Rock (Podcast #283)

No Voices: A Collection of Bay Area Instrumental Rock (Podcast #283) Instrumental songs sometimes get unfairly pegged as background music, but the best ones are exactly the opposite -- captivating and hypnotic without a voice or voices dominating the work. The Bay Area is home to a number of artists who create alluring instrumentals, from the drones of Barn Owl and Date Palms to the post-rock compositions of The Drift and Silian Rail and the electronic works of Yalls, Tycho and Devonwho. Artists like Judgement Day and Al Lover & The Haters show that you don't need vocals to establish [...]

Evan Caminiti (of Barn Owl) drops new solo album August 21, playing in Oakland July 13

After sitting on the recordings for over a year, Evan Caminiti — one half of drone-metal guitar duo Barn Owl — will release his new solo album Dreamless Sleep via Thrill Jockey Records on August 21. According to the press release, the album was fully recorded by the Spring of 2011 and then completely rearranged and recomposed when Caminiti returned from 10 months of touring across the country in 2012. Caminiti says that the rearrangement helped him bring out "some of the themes I wanted the songs to reflect initially - the way our memory changes events in the past [...]

Night Dust: Barn Owl's Evan Caminiti releases new solo LP

Evan Caminiti of Barn Owl's latest solo release is Night Dust, out now on Immune Recordings. The album is out on LP and cassette, and, as Caminiti told Fluid Radio, tape played a big role in Night Dust's composition: I just used a cassette 4 track for basic tracking but then bounced the tracks through an effects chain to a DAW and layered gradually on top of that. I was influenced by the approach of dub mixes so there is a lot delay involved but I experimented with other techniques like playing cassettes back through different amps and re-recording them [...]

Video: Jon Porras – "Into Midnight"

As we announced here, Jon Porras' solo album Black Mesa will be available April 17 through Thrill Jockey records. The eight and a half minute video (filmed by Porras himself) provides a retro, black and white film accompaniment to the drawling post-rock guitar of "Into Midnight." When the song picks up half-way through, the video begins follows a cloaked man — named the "Desert Spectre" — as he wanders through rolling hills, a worthy visual metaphor for the song's rise-and-fall delay effects.

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Mixtape: If Presidents Liked Indie Rock (Podcast #273)

Mixtape: If Presidents Liked Indie Rock (Podcast #273) Despite their various political differences, if there's one thing that we know all U.S. presidents have shared, it's that they have horrible taste in music. Seriously, most candidates pick cheesy, corny songs for their campaigns, and it's not like anything gets better after they get elected. Even President Obama, who ran on a platform of hope and change, recently released a Spotify playlist with a lot of duds (Ricky Martin? Two songs by Sugarland? James Taylor? A 15-year-old No Doubt deep cut?) crowding out a handful of decent songs. It's not that [...]

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