BAGeL Radio hosting 10th Birthday Party with Mister Loveless, Churches, and Birdmonster on 2/1/13

BAGeL Radio is moving into double digits, and the man behind the vision, Ted Leibowitz, is throwing one helluva party. The host of the Glen Park-based indie rock Internet radio show recruited three great Bay Area acts – Mister Loveless, Churches, and Birdmonster – to help celebrate his baby's tenth birthday at Bottom of the Hill on Friday, February 1st. The show is being produced in conjunction with SomaFM, the "listener-supported, commercial-free, underground/alternative" Internet radio station that broadcasts BAGeL Radio along with nearly 20 other unique stations. Admitting in a Facebook post that he booked "a far better lineup" than [...]

BAGeL Radio’s Half Dozenth Birthday Saturday at BOTH

It's birthday season, and this Saturday our friends at BAGeL Radio will be celebrating a big one - six years! The show will feature three great local acts: Birdmonster, Railcars and Ricky Lee Robinson, plus DJ Cory of Absolutely Kosher Records. Railcars - "Bohemia is Without a Sea" For those who don't know about BAGeL Radio, it's a 24/7 radio station that plays the best new and old indie music. As 7x7 magazine described: "Listening to indie genius DJ Ted spin live at shows around town or online at his CMJ award–winning site BAGeL Radio sounds just like [...]

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