bAd bAd – “i don’t use gel, i don’t use mousse”

bAd bAd continues to lead the mariachi surf punk scene, as evidenced by their most recent single, "i don't use gel i don't use mousse". bAd bAd frontman Christian Zamora tells me it features his saz, which he and bassist Eli Maness went all the way to Turkey to pick up. As is the norm with bAd bAd, "i don't use gel" positively rips: i don't use gel i don't use mousse by bAd bAd Zamora also tells me bAd bAd plans to release a split single later this year with a yet-to-be-determined band, with a full length almost ready [...]

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Experience the next wave of Bay Area rock at The Knockout Thursday

Thursday night at the Knockout offers you a chance to experience the latest wave of Bay Area rock, with Michael and the Strange Land, Satan Wriders, bAd bAd, and Brasil all performing. Stockton's Satan Wriders, bAd bAd, and Brasil each released debut full-lengths in the last 12 months, while Michael & The Strange Land released their debut EP in January. All the bands have their own distinctive styles while maintaining plenty of the garage-yness edge Bay Area locals know and love. I won't bore you with describing their various nuances, but instead let you listen to the latest releases from [...]

bAd bAd – “Creatures”

Last week, we told you about bAd bAd's high profile legal dispute with Steven Tyler's daughter over their name that started quite ugly, but ended as amicably as it possibly could, with the Tyler camp graciously offering to change their name and letting our local favorites move forward as bAd bAd. Well, bAd bAd has taken full advantage of securing their name, dropping the first single from their upcoming LP, which is set for a summer release. "Creatures" builds on bAd bAd's signature sound, described by the band as a song "about post apocalyptic dogs leaping over melted robots on [...]

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bAd bAd fights Steven Tyler’s daughter for their name

bAd bAd is one of the most promising young acts in San Francisco, but now they're in a legal battle with the oh so similarly named badbad, a not-so-promising duo fronted by Chelsea Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. bAd bAd's Christian Zamora tells me he received a letter from a law office on Monday "threatening legal action if we (bAd bAd) did not 'cease and desist' all things related to our band in '48 hours.'" Tyler claims she started badbad back in 2011, despite never playing a show, releasing a song, or even having an online presence until 2013. [...]

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bAd bAd releases debut album on cassette

We told you about San Francisco's bAd bAd earlier this year, and not long ago they released their debut full-length cassette. 14 songs of furious punk energy and rhythms combined with latin guitar strumming allows bAd bAd to fit in perfectly with San Francisco's garage scene, without trying to sound like anyone else in the process. The band has a busy couple of months ahead, with plans to release an 8 song digital EP and a 7" "party surf album" on vinyl, in addition to their official cassette release show at Amnesia in May. You can also see them in [...]

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Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bands to Watch in 2014 Download: Mixtape: Fourteen San Francisco Bands to Watch in 2014 We cover a whole lot of San Francisco Bay Area bands at The Bay Bridged, a sign of the wealth of musical talent here. The size of this talent pool, however, presents its own challenge: with so many interesting local bands out there, and with acts emerging seemingly every day, who are the new artists to keep a close eye on in the months to come? This mixtape takes a stab at answering that question, showcasing fourteen excellent local bands that are new to our podcast, young groups with [...]

bAd bAd – "Problem Now/Leonel"

Everyone knows garage rock is "over", but what about "TURKISH SURF PUNK MARIACHIS"? That somewhat audacious description was my introduction to San Francisco's bAd bAd. Incredibly, about one minute into their track "Problem Now" I thought to myself, "Holy Shit, I think they nailed it!" Although I admittedly know nothing about Turkish music, the rhythm and percussion at least sound like what I imagine should come from Turkey. The relentless acoustic guitars reminded me of some of the Everly Brothers' work bringing to light a link between music from Tennessee and music from Mexico that I hadn't conciously realized existed. [...]

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