Best of 2018: William Wayland’s favorite photos from 2018

The Distillers fans (photo: William Wayland) My favorite photographs of 2018 are tied to the moments and the feelings I had when I was clicking the shutter. 10. Yennie Dee Brecheisen of the Handsome Ladies at Pickin’ on Hate, Ashkenaz, Berkeley on January 27. I’m impressed with the bluegrass community in the Bay Area and the way they come together to support important causes. The Handsome Ladies is a national nonprofit organization that supports women in bluegrass, and Yennie Dee is a talented banjo player and an embodiment of a Handsome Lady. 9. Morgan Kessell with Aubrie Arnoux of House of Mary [...]

Review + Photos: Arthur Buck at the Independent

Arthur Buck (photo: William Wayland) Words by Elaine Blakely Arthur Buck is not modern and has not been around forever. Arthur Buck is not rehearsed or contrived and most definitely, Arthur Buck is not well known.  One new fan told us he hadn’t heard of Arthur Buck until the day before but as soon as he did he bought a ticket to see some of his idols at the cozy Independent. Arthur Buck is a serendipitous band with R.E.M.’s cofounder and lead guitarist Peter Buck with Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and artist Joseph Arthur. The band played to an intimate but enthusiastic audience [...]

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