Noise Pop: Film School, Apex Manor, Gregory and the Hawk, Melted Toys 2/24/11

Sometimes Noise Pop Festival lineups aren't necessarily about Noise Pop as an entity. In fact, my very first Noise Pop show was in 2007, and I wasn't even aware that the Noise Pop Festival had been going on for years - I just wanted to see Spinto Band. And I did. And it was fun. Day 3 of Noise Pop 2011 featured Film School, Apex Manor, Gregory and the Hawk, and Melted Toys at Cafe du Nord. Stylistically, you can draw some parallels between each band, or at the very least, appreciate what each act has accomplished and the role [...]

Mixtape: Previewing the 2011 Noise Pop Festival (Podcast #243)

Previewing the 2011 Noise Pop Festival This episode is presented by Long before we started The Bay Bridged, we'd look forward to February's annual Noise Pop Festival, and now, in the fest's nineteenth year, things are no different. That's a remarkable achievement, and this year's week of events brings together buzzworthy out-of-town bands and talented locals for stacked four band bills sampling some of the best in contemporary indie rock. Subscribe to the The Bay Bridged podcast! The Noise Pop Calendar, while extremely helpful, might also be a little staggering, which is why we've compiled this mix of sixteen [...]

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