Band Art with Annie Bacon

“This album was all about centering connection, which is what I see as my purpose as an artist.” Annie Bacon’s folk rock has touches of Ani DiFranco and Joan Osborne but with more twang and the power of modern messages. Bacon wrote the songs off her second album, Nothing Stays the Same, over the course of a couple of years. Much of this album was created in 2016 after having visited Nashville for the first time. “It’s like I got a shot,” she says. Nashville was a place where everyone was writing and playing music; the industry felt like such [...]

Annie Bacon: Leaving San Francisco, where music and home became one

Bay Bridged Editor and longtime San Francisco musician Annie Bacon left San Francisco for Michigan weeks ago. In this essay, she says the goodbye she needs to say to the city and community that she loved and that loved her right back. Even though I am not a native San Franciscan, I am third generation Run-Away-To-San-Franciscan. My great uncle John came here in the 1930s as a merchant marine, lived a bachelor’s life of plenty, but when he died he was buried back in Rhode Island. Roughly 35 years later, my mother came here, yes, with flowers in her hair. [...]

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Bands In Portrait: Annie Bacon

Annie Bacon (photo: Robert Alleyne) Annie Bacon is a singer-songwriter living in San Francisco and is a soothing presence to be around. It is a reflection of her music which warms you up as her vocals weave around the layered and sometimes mystic guitars. When we discuss what it is like to be a musician in the Bay Area, she speaks fondly of the city she has lived in for almost two decades: “[There are] a lot of great things. A lot of creative people around,” she says. “Changes to the city happened at the same time as big changes in [...]

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Annie Bacon plans new songs, launches Kickstarter campaign

Singer-songwriter Annie Bacon is planning to record two new songs alongside accompanying videos, songs full of the empathy and passion fans have come to associate with her music. The first, "What We Said," is about a woman who remains faithful to an unfaithful husband, with lyrics focused on enlightening understanding rather than placing blame. The other, "Nikki's Song" (working title), is an ode to musician Nicole McRory and the struggles she endured as a transgender person, struggles that tested but never overwhelmed her fierce spirit. Like much of her work, Bacon's new material seeks to build bridges of communication between [...]

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Annie Bacon shares latest video “The Baby Suite”

Singer-songwriter Annie Bacon has a charming new music video to share which she describes as "an ode to the strangeness of growing a human and being its mother." Suitably entitled "The Baby Suite," the song features gorgeous piano accompaniment, a smooth, jazzy saxophone and, of course, Bacon's soothing vocal delivery and heartfelt lyrics. Written while the songstress was 18 weeks pregnant, the tune is all about the utterly strange and wholly incredible experience of becoming a mother, a feeling she calls both "intensely personal" and intrinsically "universal." This is why the video itself features a wide range of mothers and [...]

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