Photos: Ani DiFranco at the Rio Theatre

Ani DiFranco (photo: Kate Haley) Words by Kate Haley Ani DiFranco has always brought it. Her poetry, delivered in percussive lyrics, makes the personal political and the political deeply personal. Couple that with her ability to tune her guitar any damned way she pleases changes things. A lot. Her tour was as heavy on the “Rise Up” as ever, and her one-woman army continued to gather ranks at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz. I was against the stage, next to children with hearing protection who were being carefully lifted to get a better view. Two mothers next to me proudly [...]

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Photos: Ani DiFranco at the Fillmore

Ani DiFranco (photo: Ria Burman) Ani DiFranco brought a cosmic shower of sweetness and strength to the Fillmore Sunday night. Accompanied by a talented band of musicians, Ani DiFranco folked, rocked, and wooed new treasures from her latest album, Binary and old gems, such as “Untouchable Face” for an unforgettable night of groovy empowerment.

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