Review & Photos: Allo Darlin’, Hot Toddies, The Tropics deliver pop perfection

The Rickshaw Stop delivered a perfect pop trifecta on Friday night. The UK/Aussie outfit Allo Darlin' ruled the Rickshaw. They started the set with a song from the new album, We Come From The Same Place. It had some killer Crazy Horse guitar riffs that even seemed to surprise the band. I am very partial to debut LPs (and they did play several from theirs, including "The Polaroid Song" and "Silver Dollars"), but they closed the set with a really ecstatic version of "Capricornia" from the second record, Europe, proving it deserves a fresh listen. The band was in a [...]

Health crisis! UK invasion with Allo’ Darlin, Fat White Family, & more at Rickshaw Stop

Allo Darlin' - SXSW 2010 - Cute but deadly Ebola is nothing compared to the health issues going on this month at Rickshaw Stop! This Friday, October 24, it's Allo Darlin'. The ukulele-fueled pop is sweet enough to be an independent risk factor for diabetes. Fear not, the obligatory pogo dance is excellent for your blood pressure. Who better to open but our very own cure-for-what-ails-ya, The Hot Toddies! The Toddies play "sunny beach pop" just right for a cold beer (or a hot toddy). The consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to unintended pregnancy. Drink responsibly. The show also [...]

Live This Month: October 2014 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: October 2014 (Podcast #347) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. October, you've outdone yourself this time! Any month that offers a free weekend of Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in Golden Gate Park and two days of great bands at the Treasure Island Music Festival is bound to be good. What's most surprising about this month's quality concert offerings, though, is how varied and plentiful they are beyond the festivals. Seriously, a lengthy list of Bay Bridged favorites [...]

Review & Photos: Allo' Darlin, Wave Pictures and SorryEverAfter at Rickshaw Stop 5/8/12

The UK's Allo' Darlin know how to take on the obscure cover. They played "If You Don't Pull" from Glasgow's The Just Joans. The song comes from 2009's Love and Other Hideous Accidents which existed in only 200 copies. Fortunately you can find it on the web. Singer/uke slinger Elizabeth Morris explained that "pull" is like "pick up (a guy)" in the US, and the chorus goes 'If you don't pull then you have to walk home on your own. If you walk home on your own then you're gonna wake up on your own." It's a great song, and [...]

Allo Darlin' returns to the US in May upon release of second LP 'Europe'

Allo Darlin' - Capricornia by Slumberland Records Sadly, last time the adorable UK pop band Allo Darlin' toured the US, visa problems prevented them from making it to the West Coast in time for SF Popfest. I was lucky enough to catch them in NYC that summer by chance, and at that show was thoroughly convinced that no one should be denied the pleasure of seeing Allo Darlin' live. They return on a full tour this spring with fellow UK citizens The Wave Pictures, and tickets are already on sale for their San Francisco date on May 8 at the [...]

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Review & Photos: Allo Darlin’, Eux Autres, Terry Malts @ Rickshaw Stop, 10/27/10

I intended to check out Terry Malts several times this year, and was excited to learn that they were added to Wednesday's showcase at the Rickshaw. The MySpace suggests they are from Bummer Town, CA, and their 'web site' is a massive list of taquerias in Redwood City. They are consistently compared to the Ramones, and I suppose it is undeniable, but they are so much more. Terry Malts played a great deal from their debut, cassette only release, distracted. The guitarist donned a Shannon and the Clams hairy chest shirt and played a hollow body guitar distorted to buzzy [...]

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Live This Month: October 2010 (Podcast #232)

Live This Month: October 2010 (Podcast #232) Every month, we dedicate the first week's podcast to highlighting some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing soon in the San Francisco Bay Area. We've got ten great bands playing some excellent shows around the Bay in October, so head out and see some live music! Subscribe to The Bay Bridged Podcast to get each week's new episode downloaded free to iTunes! About the bands: Ireland's So Cow ("Ain't No Fun") released one of my favorite records this year in Meaningless Friendly. SF's The Wrong Words and Neighbors support them at [...]

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