Photos: Alessia Cara and many friends take the Know-It-All tour to the Fillmore

Alessia Cara (photo: Robert Alleyne) Hot off her debut album Know-It-All, Alessia Cara brought a slew of friends to a packed, sold-out house at the Fillmore last Thursday night. She was joined on her tour by rapper Leaf on her first tour in support of her "magnet bitch movement" in inspiration of her EP Magnet Bitch. Also performing were Kevin Garrett and Craig Stickland for a packed night. Robert Alleyne photographed the impassioned performers and has these shots from the night to share.  

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Expressive Vocal Soul: Alessia Cara at The Fillmore

The narrative surrounding most musicians under the age of 20 is not often one of absolutes. You’ll hear that “she’s talented relative to other artists her age,” or that “if he’s this good now just wait until he’s older.” Sometimes the response is backhanded, as in “she channels a youthful perspective of innocence,” — suggesting that an underage artist can’t yet have a fully formed point of view. While no one seems to call out either idealistic or jaded mid-twenties musicians as naïve, it seems impossible to be a songwriter who is young without being defined as a “young songwriter.” Even [...]

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