Al Lover, your new trip advisor

There's a reason Al Lover finds himself at home with the musicians of The Black Angels and at every psych fest worth tripping at. He's a DJ by trade, but you won't find any four on the floor rave anthems on his new LP, Sacred Drugs. Armed with an enviable 45 collection, he's earned a reputation for repurposing fuzzy rock and roll tracks into celestial soundscapes using tiers of his own distorted beats. With this latest offering, a 14-track epic, he volunteers as your official trip advisor, supplying the perfect soundtrack to your next out-of-body experience, mind expanding journey or midnight [...]

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Al Lover releases new single featuring Morgan Delt

Al Lover has made a name for himself through innovative, heavy psychedelic reworks of rock ‘n roll, releasing mixtapes, 7” records, and digital LPs over the course of a few years. It’s with much anticipation that Al Lover releases his first physical LP, Sacred Drugs, out on October 1st via Psych Army Intergalactic and Crash Symbols (cassette). Observe the first single “Super Strength (Power Plants)” featuring Morgan Delt, another psych artist on heavy rotation. The track starts with drone-y swirls, then Delt’s vocals literally creep in and gain traction as Al Lover layers in sounds to create... not a wall [...]

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New Face Tat 7″ single b/w Al Lover remix

The music of Face Tat isn’t nearly as scary as the band’s name implies. With heady psychedelic electronic beats, hip hop veins and trace elements of the band’s retired post-rock getup Mist Giant, Face Tat is more genre bending than it is intimidating. The new single version of “Phantom Creeps” (previously released on Face Tat’s Dungeon Mistress EP) is now out as a 7” featuring a B-side techno remix by the dude Al Lover. With so much genre crossover between Face Tat and Al Lover, it’s no surprise that the collaboration unfolded into something killer. And honestly, who doesn’t want [...]

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Al Lover releases new track, “Stonegoat”

Over the past few years, Al Lover has quickly become one of the most interesting producers in San Francisco. He makes music that slides seamlessly between genres, creating a psychedelic collage of sound. Pulling from contemporary and past garage and psychedelic rock as well as spacey beats and chopped electronic DJ samples, he has a little something to offer for everyone. Al Lover (aka Alex Gundlach) lays down bricks in a path less explored but open to everyone from ravers to garage rock kids. The dude has now released a brand new track, “Stonegoat”, part of his reworking of six [...]

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Phono del Sol: Stick around for our after-party at Virgil’s Sea Room!

Phono del Sol 2014 is quickly approaching, and we're really excited to have you join us on July 12 for seven hours of great bands, delicious food, and killer summer vibes. But the fun doesn't have to end when the festival concludes! We're excited to be partnering with Different Fur Studios for an awesome free after-party at Virgil's Sea Room. Plan to head over to Virgil's after the festival for DJ sets by Al Lover, Swiftumz, and Chad Salty, and a very special guest we can't announce just yet. As usual, Virgil's expert bartenders will be serving up great drinks [...]

Giveaway: Dead Ghosts, Los Craters, Mujeres @ Brick & Mortar

It's time for another Fuzz Box at Brick & Mortar Music Hall, and damn does this installment live up to the name: headliner Dead Ghosts are definitely fuzzy. Los Craters, Mujeres (all the way from Spain), and Banshee Boardwalk are also playing, and veritable Fuzz Box house DJ Al Lover will keep your head nodding between sets. You know you want to go. To enter for a chance to win tickets to see Dead Ghosts, Los Craters, Mujeres, Banshee Boardwalk, and DJ Al Lover at Brick & Mortar Music Hall, email with “Ghosts” in the subject line and your full name [...]

Artist Spotlight: Al Lover Download: Artist Spotlight: Al Lover (Podcast #329) Subscribe to The Bay Bridged Podcast! This month's Artist Spotlight podcast -- the latest in our series featuring live-in-the-studio performances and interviews with emerging Bay Area performers -- showcases the supremely talented Al Lover. You can frequently catch Al DJing at rock shows around San Francisco, but he's also an accomplished songwriter. Coming from a background as a rapper and producer, Al Lover makes "beats," his shorthand for the dense genre-mashing tracks he composes using psych and garage samples. In this episode, we chat with Al about how he finds the samples [...]

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First ever Bay Area Record Label Fair (B.A.R.F.) hits Thee Parkside

Don't let anyone tell you any differently - the San Francisco Bay Area has some amazing record labels. That's why the coming first annual Bay Area Record Label Fair (humorously referred to by its respective acronym - B.A.R.F.) is a big deal. Bringing together some of the bigger names in Bay Area record labels - from Polyvinyl to Alternative Tentacles - as well as many smaller ones, B.A.R.F. will feature merchandise from each of these labels and a raffle ($5 to enter) with some great prizes. Plague Songs by Twin Steps Additionally, there will be music -- courtesy of Dog [...]

Giveaway: Maus Haus, White Cloud, Al Lover @ The Night Light

This should be a good one: Krautrockers Maus Haus, noise rockers White Cloud, and psych beat maestro Al Lover tomorrow night at The Night Light in Oakland. You know what would make it better though? If you and a friend got to go for free. To enter for a chance to win tickets to see Maus Haus, White Cloud, and Al Lover at The Night Light, email with "Maus Haus" in the subject line and your full name in the body of the email. A winner will be selected at random and notified via email. Here's Maus Haus's latest [...]

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Giveaway: The Abigails, Useless Eaters, Creeping Pink head to the Fuzz Box tonight!

Want to help Brick & Mortar ring in its monthly night of psych rockin, Fuzz Box, at the first installment of 2014? It goes down tonight with The Abigails, Useless Eaters, and Creeping Pink. Al Lover will be there too, keeping it interesting between sets. Email me at for the chance to win one of two pairs of tickets I have to give away. I'll email the winners by 5:00 this afternoon. Check out Songs of Love & Despair by The Abigails: The Abigails, Useless Eaters, Creeping Pink, DJ Al Lover Brick & Mortar Music Hall January 16, 2014 [...]

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