Ticket Giveaway: Moon Block Party with Sleepy Sun, Glitter Wizard, JUJU, Al Lover & the Haters @ Brick + Mortar 10/13/12

Moon Block Party is throwing their first San Francisco event at Brick and Mortar Music Hall next weekend (10/13/12) with Sleepy Sun, JUJU (LA) and Glitter Wizard and Al Lover & the Haters. In addition to live music and DJ sets from Al Lover, there will be an art show adorning the club curated by local zine Sioux Magazine. If the name "Moon Block Party" doesn't ring a bell, but sounds pretty intriguing, then you're onto something. They produced a huge party earlier this year in LA during the weekend of Coachella, which The Bay Bridged attended. A short trip [...]

Friday: Fuzz Box at the Brick and Mortar Music Hall with Permanent Collection, Al Lover & The Haters and more

The Brick and Mortar Music Hall's new monthly Fuzz Box series showcases locally-focused rock and roll lineups, and Friday night's four-band offering is well worth checking out. Pow!, Permanent Collection, Future Twin, and Al Lover & The Haters are all performing and advance tickets are just five bucks! Ballin' Chains and B Movies Maxi-Single by Al Lover & The Haters

No Voices: A Collection of Bay Area Instrumental Rock (Podcast #283)

No Voices: A Collection of Bay Area Instrumental Rock (Podcast #283) Instrumental songs sometimes get unfairly pegged as background music, but the best ones are exactly the opposite -- captivating and hypnotic without a voice or voices dominating the work. The Bay Area is home to a number of artists who create alluring instrumentals, from the drones of Barn Owl and Date Palms to the post-rock compositions of The Drift and Silian Rail and the electronic works of Yalls, Tycho and Devonwho. Artists like Judgement Day and Al Lover & The Haters show that you don't need vocals to establish [...]

Al Lover & The Haters release new single: "Ballin' Chain and B Movies"

San Francisco-based producer Al Lover is giving away his new single, "Ballin' Chain and B Movies" for free until March 25th on Bandcamp. Combining samples from 60s San Francisco psychedelic blues bands with hip-hop style drum beats and overdubbed guitar licks courtesy of The Haters (Mike G and Mark Pantoja of SF based post-rock band Mist Giant), the track sounds remarkably fresh for something built on dusty, decades old samples, especially when Al Lover blasts his high-hat and bass drum-heavy rhythm to the forefront of the recording. Ballin' Chains and B Movies Maxi-Single by Al Lover & The Haters

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