We paired our favorite local bands with astrological signs

Whether you believe in astrology or not, each zodiac symbol is known for birthing a different personality. Similarly to that of astrology, we’ve noticed a personality with each Bay Area band that comes across our desk. Read on to figure out what zodiac sign your favorite Bay Area talents are most like. Aries: Culture Abuse Aries are known for their courage, leadership, and being the life of any party. For that reason, punk rock band Culture Abuse is the perfect choice for the first sign. Their punk rock is engaging and fierce, they are unafraid to try new things and [...]

Photos: ‘Incandescent Body’ by Post:Ballet and Star Amerasu at Heron Arts

Incandescent Body (photo: Ian Young) We went behind the scenes of Post:Ballet's ambitious and awe-inspiring multi-disciplinary show Incandescent Body, which brought singer Star Amerasu's deeply personal songs to life. Featuring choreography by Robert Dekkers and Vanessa Thiessen, music by the Living Earth Show, and shibari rope work by Simön Malvaez, Incandescent Body was a visual masterpiece that will hopefully return for another run of performances. In the mean time, you can catch Star Amerasu performing at Bandcamp in Oakland this Friday.

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In ‘Incandescent Body,’ Post:Ballet bring Ah Mer Ah Su’s songs to life

(photo: Ryan Molnar) In 2018, we talked to Ah Mer Ah Su about the theater background that taught her how to turn complex emotions into soaring works of electronic pop. Next week, the Oakland songwriter will get back to her theatrical roots as she debuts new versions of her music for Post:Ballet's Incandescent Body. The internet doesn't offer many more details on the production besides it having a 40-minute run time and being a "luminous and transcendent cabaret," but expect a fascinating, transporting vision brought to earth. The show is in collaboration with the Living Earth Show and Calvin Arsenia [...]

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Best Of 2018: Women Sound Off on the womxn making waves in Bay Area music

2018 was an instrumental year for womxn-identifying musical artists in the Bay Area and beyond. As an intersectional platform celebrating creative women from all industries and walks of life, Women Sound Off (formerly known as Women in Music Festival) is honored to have worked and collaborated with a variety of Bay Area talent since its founding in 2016. In the spirit of reflection and in celebration of phenomenal womxn in music, we bring you just a few notable artists who made waves in the Bay Area music scene in 2018. These are the ones to watch. FR333 Comprised of producer [...]

Making new myths with Ah Mer Ah Su

(photo: Jack Mannix) It's the name of a Japanese Shinto goddess, in case you were wondering. Well...it almost is. “I think it’s, like, a very traditionally urban Black African-American experience to make names that sound like things that you like,” says Star Amerasu one recent morning over the phone. “So I chose a name that sounded something like the goddess that I like — not trying to take her name as my own, cause that’s not something that I could take. And so Ah Mer Ah Su was born.” Amerasu’s life leading up to her most recent album, Star, has, [...]

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With “Heartbreaker,” Ah Mer Ah Su delivers summer-ready electronic pop

Last year, Ah Mer Ah Su — the musical identity of Oakland's Star Amerasu — released one of the year's best EPs, Rebecca, featuring the heartbreaking "Klonopin." Her newest single, "Heartbreaker," is more upbeat, but certainly has a little melancholy alongside the ultra-catchy electronic pop. "Heartbreaker" comes from the forthcoming album Star, which was produced by Peaches collaborator Vice Cooler. Amerasu discussed the upcoming album's themes in a recent interview with Paper: The whole album is really an exploration of what it means to be Black, trans, femme, and young, and having real problems. I think the problem is that [...]

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Mixtape: Highlights from Bay Area Music in 2017

This episode originally ran on KQED.org. http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/2017_Highlights_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Highlights from Bay Area Music in 2017 (Podcast #419) With each passing day, 2017 appears increasingly determined to solidify its place as the worst year in recent memory. Despite all of the hardships being experienced locally, nationally, and around the globe, the year has offered a wealth of impressive albums from Bay Area musicians. For some of the notable artists featured in this mixtape, their 2017 successes built on the previous year's achievements. Jay Som followed up 2016's buzzed-about Turn Into compilation with her first proper LP Everybody Works. It's a [...]

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