Cave Clove and Agouti’s upcoming double-release party

Agouti and Cave Clove, two contemporary Bay Area bands with shared roots in psychedelic rock, release their respective records at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco this Friday night. And they’ll share the stage with Battlehooch, San Francisco’s premiere purveyor of Zappaesque zanyism. Cave Clove’s Dollars To Tokens EP is a powerful five-song collection that exhibits frontwoman Katie Colver’s lyrics-driven approach, recalling everyone from Stevie Nicks to Neil Young. “I’ve only continued, my dollars have all turned to tokens. At least I’ll be able to say I’ve followed my dreams,” she sings on "Sage Advice." To gamble everything you own on [...]

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Mixtape: San Francisco’s Modern Psychedelic Sounds

This episode first appeared on Download: Mixtape: San Francisco's Modern Psychedelic Sounds (Podcast #406) With the fiftieth anniversary of the Summer of Love this year, the psychedelic sounds of the Bay Area in the '60s are back in the popular consciousness. But Bay Area psych music shouldn't just be thought of as a source of nostalgia; five decades after the Summer of Love, local bands are continuing to make stellar music applying a psychedelic lens to a number of styles and sounds. Sure, there are plenty of loud, heavy guitars at work in bands like Night Shapes and [...]

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