Balkan Bacchanal at the Starry Plough with Agapi Mou, Disciples of Markos and Inspector Gadje 10/15/11

Disciples of Markos Opa! The music of the Balkans is alive and well in the Bay Area. All 3 of these bands are local and kind-hearted, the show was a fundraiser for Sweet Relief, an organization providing aid for musicians in need. A funtastic night of Greek music. Turns out Guinness substitutes nicely for Ouzo. Bouzouki and drum Disciples of Markos are a very special treat. They play the music of Markos Vamvakaris known as the patriarch of Rebetiko, a wild folk music that Markos helped create in the 1930s hash dens of Greece. Markos was a master of the [...]

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