Adios Amigo release ‘Erasable Truth’ EP

Adios Amigo are back with their third EP in three years. It's called Erasable Truth and it was recorded and mixed at a friend's home studio in Vacaville. While Erasable Truth finds the Amigos mostly working with the indie-Americana sound they're known for, you can also hear the band's sound maturing and opening up in some interesting ways. For instance, here's the gorgeously horn-laced single, "Another Song": Other highlights include the EP's first two tracks: "Hello", which adds synths and a raucous guitar solo to the mix to great effect, and "Live On", which rides a guitar line reminiscent of [...]

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Giveaway: Adios Amigo set to unveil new tunes, new lineup at Milk Bar

Adios to the old, hola to the new: Indie folk poppers Adios Amigo aren't just playing a completely new set of songs on June 29 at Milk Bar— they'll pretty much be a completely new band, too. Call it Adios Amigo...Dos. The band put out its second EP Dos last year and has spent the first half of 2013 writing and recording brand new material, which will be released some time in September. The band still mostly revolves around singer/guitarist/frontman Johnny Major, but "the new lineup has been writing new material together and is turning into a more collaborative project," [...]

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Video premiere: Adios Amigo – "Chicken"

Adios Amigo dropped the video for "Chicken", the lead single from their new EP Dos. According to head Amigo Johnny Major, the video is a pretty accurate representation of what the song is about: "'Chicken' is about a guy getting a girl to drop her guard and let him in—the video shows a guy and a girl looking / waiting for eachother with the happy connection happening in the end, true to the lyrics." Also true to the lyrics is the relationship behind the actors in the video: that's Johnny Major himself and his wife, Catalina Atria, playing the lead [...]

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Live This Month: June 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #279)

Live This Month: June 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #279) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. From the electronic pop of Exray's to the fiery punk of White Lung, June's concert calendar features a wide variety of highlights. Like Exray's, Still Flyin and Adios Amigo are also celebrating new albums this month, but it's not just the locals who have exciting records to offer. Japandroids' latest finds the band in peak DIY noise pop form, [...]

Adios Amigo – "Chicken"

Adios Amigo have a new album called Dos coming out on June 1, and they've just premiered one of the album cuts, "Chicken", via Prefix (but you can listen and download below). Adios Amigo - "Chicken" Prefix calls Adios Amigo "Psych-pop up-and-comers" and perhaps the up-and-comers bit is right, but I'm not sure about the psych pop. I've seen them live a couple times and I guess the tag is as apt as any, cuz mainly those kinda labels are made up anyway. But I've always gotten more of a folk rock vibe from them, and "Chicken" certainly bears that [...]

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Adios Amigo play Hotel Utah tonight, Thee Parkside on 4/20/2012

Adios Amigo is a band spawned from love. While living abroad in Santiago, Chile frontman Johnny Major (drummer for Il Gato) met, and eventually married, a Chilean woman for whom he wrote the songs featured on Amigo's debut, self-titled EP. Dreamy and soft, but possessing enough rhythm to warrant wave motions with your arm out a cruising car window, the album's five tracks are over sooner than you'd like. Grab it for free over on Bandcamp and stream it below. Adios Amigo by Adios Amigo Over the next month, the band gives us two chances to catch hometown gigs while [...]

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January's Best: Our favorite Bay Area songs from the blog last month

Here's our latest month-in-review mix collecting some our favorite new (or new to us) songs recently posted on the website. Gathered in the mix are over a dozen new tracks that were posted on in January, with links below to download each of them individually. Mixtape: Best of the Blog January 2012 Tracklisting: 1. Surf Club - "Lonely Days" 2. Terry Malts - "Nauseous" 3. SorryEverAfter - "Honey Girl" 4. Future Twin - "Yuka" 5. Magic Bullets - "What Took You So Long?" 6. Young Prisms - "Floating in Blue" 7. James & Evander - "Unthinkable" 8. Donovan Quinn [...]

Review & Photos: Kids on a Crime Spree, Bad Bibles, Adios Amigo @ The Hemlock 1/27/12

The stage at last Friday night's show at the Hemlock hosted an eclectic motley crew of understated indie crooners, confrontational post punk performers, and fuzzed-out pop embraces. The night began with Adios Amigo, which features Johnny Major from another Spanish-named band, Il Gato. Their music is more low-key than in your face, with subtle crescendos and washed out three-part vocal harmonies. It's the perfect music for the end of a day at the beach, when the late afternoon sun pales everything to a light golden hue. If that is your thing, their new album is available for a free download [...]

Bad Bibles' new EP out this week, play Hemlock Friday 1/27 with Kids on a Crime Spree, Adios Amigo

Bad Bibles EP by Bad Bibles This week marks the release of a powerful new garage rock EP from Bad Bibles, who play Friday the 27th at the Hemlock with Adios Amigo (members of Il Gato) and Slumberland pop band Kids on a Crime Spree (9:30pm, $7, RSVP). You can stream the EP either on SoundCloud (above) or on Bad Bibles' Bandcamp page.

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