Photos: Adia Victoria at Cafe du Nord

Adia Victoria (photo: Ria Burman) Noise Pop presented Adia Victoria at Cafe du Nord last Saturday night with support from Oakland's own Dick Stusso. Warming up the crowd, Dick Stusso took to the stage with his band of merry musicians offering stellar rock-country psych-blues. Playing tunes from his Nashville Blues & In Heaven album creations, Dick Stusso reveled, rocked, and rolled. Adia Victoria built up rhythm and blue-infused tunes with atmospheric vibes, peaking with a crescendo of explosive energy and rock and roll righteousness. Currently on tour with Dick Stusso, her popularity had the intimate venue bursting at the seams. [...]

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Noise Pop: Adia Victoria and the ‘White Gaze’

Adia Victoria (photo: Kaiya Gordon) “So the question that naturally emerges is simple,” Jenn M. Jackson writes in her 2015 essay, “We Done Told Y’all What’s Up”. “What are the rules?” she continues. “Is there a rule that Black bodies are always up for public (read ‘White’) consumption?” In music, the history of Black exploitation and white consumption is long. Black innovators have watched as country took cues from gospel music, as jazz halls filled with white performers, and as hip-hop was white-washed by appropriative pop. Even the advent of rock and roll––a genre fronted in the contemporary imagination by British [...]

This Week In PR: Girl Power!

Adia Victoria This Week In PR is a column curated by Victor Valle and Jody Amable, celebrating the press releases that caught our eye but we couldn't use. Here are some highlights from our inboxes this week. Sløtface's "Sponge State" This week, for whatever reason, I received a deluge of press releases from bands that proudly wave the feminist flag, or simply feature female-identifying frontwomen who are great at what they do. First on my list: Sløtface (formerly Slutface, a name that apparently caused problems when it came to maintaining a Facebook page). All the way from Norway, Sløtface are [...]

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