Giveaway: AA Bondy / Lesser Lights @ Cafe Du Nord

These days it has become increasingly hard to come across more of the purist folk variety, as higher profile "indie" folk artists tend towards the orchestral, going psych, doing remixes with hip hop producers, or god forbid, using vocoders. Lesser Lights - "The Harvest Halt" Thursday's pairing at Du Nord of New York's A.A. Bondy and San Francisco's low profile Lesser Lights (Nathan Baker) promises to be a truer calling to the form -- sparseness in composition, and lyrically, historical and societal introspection trumping heartbreak and self-importance. Bondy, originally hails from Alabama, while LL's Baker once called Indiana [...]

Noise Pop: Thursday Night Preview!

Start off your Thursday with a great local Happy Hour show at Bender's from 5-8pm, presented by SomaFM. With the high-energy performances of Scissors for Lefty, Picture Atlantic and Man/Miracle, you'll be pumped for whatever show comes next for you. The Swedish American will host indie princess Thao Nguyen (DC) alongside David Dondero, Sean Smith and Colossal Yes. 7:30pm, $14. "Swimming Pools" (track 4 on We Brave Beestings and All) is a perfect preview of Thao's banjo-sprinkled energy: Thao With the Get Down Stay Down - "Swimming Pools" If you're looking for a slightly different pace, head over [...]

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