A Million Billion Dying Suns and Everyone Is Dirty play Make-Out Room

This Thursday night DJ FOODCOURT presents two of the Bay Area's most promising bands playing at the Mission's Make-Out Room. Oakland art-rock quartet Everyone Is Dirty will kick things off with front-woman Sivan Gur-Arieh, an incredibly memorable electric violinist. Exciting happenings are on the horizon for these guys: they're set to release a debut full-length album this May on Breakup Records, and they've secured a spot on Live 105's BFD handbill. Check out their video for "Dirtbag Side Effect" below for a teaser of what's to come: http://vimeo.com/85629765 Headlining  the night will be A Million Billion Dying Suns, the project of Nate Mercereau, who will be joined by [...]

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with tunes from local artists

It's Valentine's Day, and what better way to express your love for your significant than with music? Here are some creations from a wide variety of Bay Area artists to help you make the most romantic day of the year perfect. Is anything more romantic than an acoustic guitar serenade? Well, maybe. Still, Field Medic, the solo project of Kevin Sullivan of Rin Tin Tiger has released a damn fine Valentine's EP of acoustic love songs that you can check out here for the first time. From the opening line of "I wanna spend my days off on opiates, and [...]

Best of 2013: Russell Jelinek's highlights

John Murry (Photo by Amoreena Berg) I don't feel like ranking things, but here are some Bay Area highlights for 2013, limited to artists I wrote about: Favorite Albums: John Murry - Graceless Age: I tried to listen to Graceless Age in the background while doing some work on the computer. It didn't work. Murry punched me in the gut and took me away from whatever I was doing and totally consumed me. The standout "Little Colored Balloons", about Murry's heroin overdose in the Mission, may one of the most heartbreaking songs ever recorded, but there is so much more [...]

Interview: Nate Mercereau transcends with A Million Billion Dying Suns

Photo: Matthew Eloy A Million Billion Dying Suns, the project of San Francisco's Nate Mercereau, released its debut Strawberry EP last month. Nate is a busy dude - just last week he played three shows in three nights with Banks at the Rickshaw, Sheila E at Yoshi's, and an AMBDS performance at the Knockout. I chatted with Nate via email about transcending, precise drum mic placement, and hashtag genres among other things, in a conversation you can read below. After the interview, see the video for "Plush", which features the most shredtastic solo I've heard in a long, long time, [...]

Foli – "Figure Eight"

Photo: Vanessa Hellmann Foli began as the solo project of Social Studies guitarist Ben McClintock, who told me he started Foli as a traditonal songwriting outlet after several years in an instrumental band in Boston. About the time he joined Social Studies a year and a half ago, he put together a full band that recorded Foli's first true album. "When I started I was making a subconscious effort to combine Mount Eerie and D'Angelo knowing that whatever I came up with would be a far departure from both," explains McClintock. On the track "Figure Eight" (below), I can't help [...]

Live This Month: August 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #311)

Live This Month: August 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #311) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can't talk about Bay Area concerts in August without acknowledging the biggest of them all, the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, which returns to Golden Gate Park from August 9-11. The festival is sold out, and with good reason: the lineup offers everything from Paul McCartney and Nine Inch Nails to King Tuff and local bands like [...]

A Million Billion Dying Suns – "Strawberry Letter 23"

A Million Billion Dying Suns recently released their "transcendental" take on the classic Shuggie Otis track "Strawbery Letter 23". Recorded as yet another product of the Converse Rubber Tracks sessions at Different Fur, AMBDS chose this particular song as a tribute to their late manager Steve Brodsky. "He had it in his list of songs that he was sharing with us through his online updates, and we ended up taking those songs and learning all of them for the [Steve Brodsky tribute] show," explains Nate Mercereau of AMBDS. "It's one of my favorite songs in general, and Shuggie is a [...]

Video: A Million Billion Dying Suns – "Journey To The Center Of Your Life Pt. II"

Nate Mercerau's solo project A Million Billion Dying Suns just released a third video from the forthcoming Brillgnar LP. Like the videos for "Brillgnar" and "Woke Up Floating", "Journey To The Center Of Your Life Pt. II" is a trippy lyric video created by Mercereau, and just like those other two tracks, the song has an enormous sound, and I still smiled every time the lyric "Ahhhhhhhh" came on my screen. Mercereau will be in Austin for South by Southwest, performing at least one AMBDS set along with a handful of The Park gigs with Myron and E (and others). [...]

Video Premiere: A Million Billion Dying Suns – "Woke Up Floating"

Photo by Peter Freund A Million Billion Dying Suns is a brand new solo project from The Park guitarist Nate Mercereau, and I couldn't be more excited to share his brand new sights and sounds with you. Mercereau, who released the instrumental western album $1,000,000 Worth of Twang last year, has taken his music in yet another direction with AMBDS and is now back with a second video from the project, this time for the track "Woke Up Floating". Similar to his process on Twang, Mercereau self-recorded the new album in both his apartment in the Sunset, as well as [...]

Q&A: The Park playing with Grillade at Showdown tonight, 12/4/12

The Park are one of the most talented and busy bands in the Bay Area, even though they haven't released much under their own moniker. The quartet made a name for themselves as "the Bay Area's most sought-after rhythm section," performing as the backing band for artists such as Darondo, Mara Hruby, Wallpaper, Alice Russell, Freddie Gibbs and many, many more. Consisting of Ben Schwier on keys, drummer Derek Taylor, guitarist Nate Mercereau, and Josh Lippi on bass, The Park remains busy, both with their own projects and in support of other artists. Tonight, they will back Grillade at Showdown [...]

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