Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 4 drops today (FREE DOWNLOAD!)

Big news for those searching out burgeoning Bay Area bands: Tricycle Records has released yet another exemplary mix, entitled Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation Vol. 4. It features some of the best local acts and premieres tracks from The Union Trade, BLAUS, and The Northern Key. Everyone Is Dirty not only contributed a track ("Isn't It Great?" off their 2014 album Dying Is Fun, which you can stream below), but the band's guitarist, Christopher Reece Daddio, mastered the compilation at Donut Time Audio. Label founder Julie Schuchard writes: "For 8 years, Tricycle Records has been growing in the local San Francisco scene along with the [...]

8th Grader covers Drake live in-studio

So let’s be honest – it’s not really a big surprise that 8th Grader decided to put his own spin on one of Drake’s smoothest tunes. That said, the R&B local’s twist on “Hold On We’re Going Home” isn’t just a cover – it’s a live studio recording filmed at Jingletown Studios in Oakland earlier this month. 8th Grader’s personal style shines through, something often lost in copycat covers of pop songs.

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Watch 8th Grader’s video for “Sex Tongue” (and see him live at the 20th Street Block Party)

By now, you already know 8th Grader for his signature R&B sound – a fresh combination of decadent tenor vocals, pop-soul rhythms, and nods to legends like Prince and George Michael. In one of his newest tracks “Sex Tongue”, 8th Grader (born Jay Martinovich) twists the fun of this dance song with a cheeky commentary on local Bay Area life. The video for “Sex Tongue”, which premiered last week via Noise Pop, doesn’t disappoint. Despite the track’s tounge-in-cheek title, it’s more about being yourself and having fun than anything else. The video features a bunch of local hotties jamming out [...]

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Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: Snoop Dogg, Mogwai, 8th Grader

To enter for a chance to win tickets to any show below, email with the name of the band and the date of the show you’re entering for in the subject line and your full name in the body of the email. Winners will be selected at random and notified via email. Thursday, April 17th Snoop Dogg @ The Regency Ballroom 8pm, $72, all ages. Buy advance tickets here. Friday, April 18th Mogwai, Majeure @ The Regency Ballroom 9pm, $25, all ages. Buy advance tickets here. Monday, April 21st Daley, 8th Grader @ Slim's 8pm, $21, all ages. Buy [...]

Mixtape: Fourteen of the Bay Area's Best Record Labels (Podcast #325) Download: Mixtape: The Bay Area's Best Record Labels (Podcast #325) It's conventional wisdom nowadays that bands no longer need record labels to release music into the world. Still, it would be foolish to think that labels no longer matter. A label association can be a critical stamp of approval for potential new fans; the best labels build audiences' trust to the point that they'll support new artists even before hearing them. All of this is to say nothing, of course, of the distribution services labels can offer, and any financial or booking support they might also provide. In recent [...]

Taking Stock of November: Seventeen of our favorite songs from the blog last month

If you're anything like me, you know how difficult it can be to keep track of all of the new music that's constantly floating around the Internet. Here's our latest month-in-review mix collecting some our favorite new (or new to us) songs recently posted on the website. Gathered in the mix are seventeen new tracks from Bay Area bands that were posted on in November, with links below to download each of them individually. The Bay Bridged - Best of the Blog November 2011 Mixtape Tracklisting: 1. Fine Steps - "Tomorrow for All of Today" 2. Churches - "Save [...]

8th Grader – “Heavy Without You”

Heavy Without You by 8th Grader "If Prince & George Michael got roofied and woke up spooning Phil Collins, you'd get the sounds of 8th Grader." A lot of times, band self-descriptions are either wrong or boring, but the above one-line take on new SF electro R&B artist 8th Grader is neither. Grab "Heavy Without You" for free above, and see 8th Grader at Milk on Thursday with Pixel Memory and Hyena.

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