Silian Rail release And I, You to Pieces digitally

Local instrumental duo, Silian Rail, celebrate the digital release of their acclaimed album And I, You to Pieces today through 500 Records. What seems to be one of the fastest growing labels in town, Silian Rail joins other local notables on the 500 Records roster including Form and Fate and Grand Lake. You can pick up your copy of the album on iTunes or Amazon. Silian Rail - "Tituba" Silian Rail will be playing Cafe du Nord on May 15th celebrating Raised by Robots CD Release. They will follow that with a short Northwest tour at the end [...]

500 Records Becomes Subsidiary of Three Ring Records

Some news from the local label world. 500 Records is joining forces with Three Ring Records family. As the release aptly points out: "While Three Ring has leaned a bit more towards indie-pop, 500 Records is sure to sate your craving for the more esoteric." 500 Records is an eclectic family of bands: Manuok (San Diego), Form and Fate, James and Evander, Evacuee, Spark & Decay, and Echodrone. These bands will compliment Three Ring's current (very impressive) local offerings, including such amazing bands as Audio Out Send, Music for Animals, The Lonelyhearts, and Rykarda Parasol, among others. We look forward [...]

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