Premiere: Watch Hungry Skinny get weird with “John Wayne’s Teeth”

San Francisco rock 'n roll outfit Hungry Skinny will drop their debut s/t LP on September 26. In the meantime, check out The Bay Bridged video premiere for the lead single "John Wayne's Teeth" — a goofy, mischievous video that features the band drinking in a tour van, picking up a goat and a baby, and playing live with yellow confetti pretty much everywhere. A real local affair, the video is directed by Bay Area sound man Gabriel Armstrong. Hungry Skinny will headline the Elbo room on Saturday night with Hibbity Dibbity, Strange Hotel, and Air Surgeon. The event [...]

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Interview: Cœur de Pirate playing Bimbo’s this Thursday (ticket giveaway)

Béatrice Martin has been performing since 2008 under the stage name Coeur de Pirate, but she's been playing the piano and performing much longer than that (since she was 3 years old).  The title of her stage name translates to "Heart of a Pirate" and the release of her third album may be the first time that a lot of her North American fans will be able to fully understand the content of her previously only French-language songs.  A lot has happened to her since her last album was released in 2011.  She went through a difficult break-up but found love with [...]

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Video: Mall Walk – “Pales In Comparison”

A tune that wanted, more than anything, to be a love song. It is not a love song. It may have been close at one point, but now the song is lying on its back, holding on to loss because it's the closest relative to the real thing. Everything pales in, in comparison, to the one I love, in heaven above. A desperately sad song, stoking a small, lonely fire, not to stay warm, but to reanimate the cureless disconnection with "the one I love." "Pales In Comparison" is the last song on Mall Walk's S/T Cassette EP. The video was written and directed by Drew Pearson, singer and guitarist [...]

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Embark on a cross-dimensional joyride with Diet Cig’s “Sleep Talk” video

It's a Monday, so you're probably feeling the requisite weekend withdrawals. We have the perfect pick-me-up that'll give your day a proper injection of cuteness and wanderlust: Diet Cig's brand new video for their single, "Sleep Talk." We've been minorly obsessed with this New Paltz, NY-based duo since they signed to local label Father/Daughter back in February and released their buoyantly joyful EP Over Easy. The jams keep on coming with the release of a couple new singles, "Sleep Talk" and "Dinner Date." But today, we're here to talk about this brilliant video that perfectly captures the aesthetic of this fun-loving band and their [...]

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Watch Loma Prieta’s dizzying video for “Love”

Just weeks away from the release of their latest LP Self Portrait, Loma Prieta just dropped a frenetic new video for album opener “Love”. “Love” is an exercise in managing tension, unforgiving in its lack of relief as it creeps toward a climax that is never quite realized. Opening with overhead shots of the band members engulfed in darkness, the bleakness of the video capitalizes on a palpable uneasiness carried throughout the track. The unease soon turns to desperation as the video toys with distortion by way of kaleidoscope-like effects and blasts of red light. In less than three minutes, Loma [...]

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Wax Idols plot national tour in support of upcoming release, American Tragic

It’s been more than two years since fearsome post-punk group Wax Idols released their last album — the haunting and alluring Discipline and Desire — a hiatus that has left the band’s fans clamoring for new material. Fortunately, that break is nearing an end, as the Hether Fortune-led contingent is set to release American Tragic on October 16. The album will come out via Collect Records, a new label for the band, which formerly played on Slumberland. Fortune and company will hit the road to support the new album, starting with a record release party at Bottom of the Hill [...]

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Video Premiere: Watch Day Wave perform poolside at Phoenix Hotel

Back in early August, Oakland's Day Wave — the solo project of Jackson Phillips — performed the lo-fi surf pop song "Drag" from his debut EP Headcase alongside the pool at the Phoenix Hotel in downtown San Francisco. It all went down as part of Joie de Vivre's Good Measure Tour (co-presented by SF's Boing Boing and Noise Pop), which features artists playing at their hotels around the country. Check out the Day Wave video premiere below for real evidence that the secret performance happened, possibly right outside your hotel room (and you missed it? For shame!). Rectify your mistake below. [...]

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Video: make mini and the Bear your ‘power volume’ “xBOYFRIENDx”

San Francisco "power volume" duo mini and the Bear just released a video for their track "xBOYFRIENDx", and it's got everything you need for an afternoon with that special someone. A tandem bike? Check. Frolicking in the grass? You betcha. Sparklers in a Tecate can? Lots of screaming? Check and check. SF filmmaker Rob Goc directed and Nick Myggen shot the video, and I think it's a win: Mini and the Bear got their start in Michigan as a dance duo, Top Secret Robot Alliance, but later moved separately to San Francisco where they reinvented themselves as a much...louder [...]

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Video premiere: Madeline Kenney brings the “general badassery” in “Heart Lion”

Photo: Jill Hammond Bay Area, meet Oakland's Madeline Kenney. Madeline's a recent Seattle transplant who is sharing a brand new video for her track "Heart Lion" for the first time today, and it's one hell of an introduction. Kenney shot the video herself with friends she has made since the move, who as she puts it, are "displaying their general badassery and destroying their insecurities in the process. (In this case, embodied by me....covered in glitter.)" It definitely brings general baddassery from the women along with some great East Bay shots but the song itself is phenomenal on [...]

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Colleen Green plays Hemlock Tavern this Sunday

Colleen Green not only is constantly listed as one of the best bands out of LA, but she's overall just fun and real. She has the capability to sing about anxiety and not make you want to cry. Her songs like "Pay Attention" and "Grind My Teeth" make you want dance off your anxiety and just enjoy the moment. What's a better way to dance off the anxiety and enjoy life than seeing her live? I've talked to many people who have seen her live and they all had one thing in common: they thought she was amazing. Apparently, there [...]

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