Mapping music, musicians and changes with Buzzmutt’s “Landscape Brigades”

Buzzmutt is no stranger to the Bay Area music scene. But last summer, the band embarked on a 5 week US tour where they hit some major cities and got a taste of DIY scenes all across the country. They even got it all on film. The end product is a web series titled Landscapes Brigades, which chronicles their journey across the country, the people they meet, the situations they encountered, and the consistent issues that DIY music scenes are facing all around the country. After watching the brief trailer, you get the impression that the series will touch on more [...]

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Premiere: Never Young and Gay Henry partner for “New Villain” video

We're excited to premiere up-and-coming local noise rock group Never Young's latest video for their song "New Villain" from their NY Singles EP. For the video, the band teamed up with Gay Henry, aka Guy Henry Mueller — a drag artist from Guerneville who recently relocated to Minnesota. As Nik of Never Young told me, the premise for the video came out of a few phone calls: He lives in Minnesota now so we just bounced around ideas over the phone and he came back with this. He does performance art under the name Gay Henry; lip sync'd drag performances [...]

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Expressive Vocal Soul: Alessia Cara at The Fillmore

The narrative surrounding most musicians under the age of 20 is not often one of absolutes. You’ll hear that “she’s talented relative to other artists her age,” or that “if he’s this good now just wait until he’s older.” Sometimes the response is backhanded, as in “she channels a youthful perspective of innocence,” — suggesting that an underage artist can’t yet have a fully formed point of view. While no one seems to call out either idealistic or jaded mid-twenties musicians as naïve, it seems impossible to be a songwriter who is young without being defined as a “young songwriter.” Even [...]

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Lords of Sealand release new music video for “Architect”

Local prog-rock band Lords of Sealand are back at it with a new video for their track, "Architect", off of their EP, Found Fiction. A dramatic take on what would otherwise be an anticipated bloody mess, the video is an abstract and aesthetically appealing visual to a song with nuanced, enlightened rhythms and melodies and elegiac storytelling styles. On another plus, the video production, filming, and editing were all executed by band members Jon Illum and Dakota Salazar. It's not what you expect, but it's gorgeous and well-crafted all the same. Take a watch below.  

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Blood & Dust releases a new music video for “Charlie Dixon”

I think, more than anything, I miss that excitement when a band puts together a great-looking and awesome-sounding live video. Especially if it's one that really captures what it's like to catch the band live. Blood & Dust did just that for their song "Charlie Dixon," a track about frontman Doug Tiemann's life before his musical project. "I grew up in rural Southern Oklahoma and after college decided to go to seminary in the Bay Area," said Tiemann. "I was, for a short time, a Baptist preacher but found that it was not the life or the message I wanted to live.  [...]

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Wood Shoppe set to celebrate their 4th anniversary

It's become a staple, the monthly event that takes over Brick & Mortar the first Tuesday of every month. It's free, has an eclectic mix of touring and local bands, and is always fun. And this week, Wood Shoppe celebrates their 4-year anniversary. Co-founder, Wilson Zheng (Highroad Touring), said the following of the event: Basically we as a collective (Zachary, Wilson and Abby from High Road Touring, and Acacia from Ticketfly) have put on free concerts at Brick and Mortar on the First Tuesdays of the month for four years now.  We've had bands from many countries...and we're determined to keep this [...]

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Yuck share Fugazi cover, plot tour that includes show at Great American Music Hall

In 2011, post-punk outfit Yuck produced one of the year’s finest albums with their assured and fully-realized self-titled debut. Combining elements of slow-burning shoegaze a la Yo La Tengo, soft-loud-soft compositions in the vein of the Pixies, delicate acoustic ballads, and scrawling guitar rockers, the album was a grab bag of vintage indie sounds. The future looked bright for the band. However, with the announcement in 2013 that frontman and lead songwriter Daniel Blumberg would be leaving the group, Yuck seemed certain to be a one-and-done effort, a band that would tantalize listeners with its vast, untapped potential. Surprisingly, that [...]

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Down and Outlaws release live video for “All Is Well”

Down and Outlaws have redefined what it means to play rock n' roll in 2016. And it's awesome. Their newest track, "All Is Well," was recorded as part of the Converse Rubber Tracks sessions that recently took over local studio Different Fur. The version in the video below comes from a live performance at the BlindBlindTiger Speakeasy in Los Angeles. It's fast, heavy, and headed by an addicting guitar riff that gets you moving. Be sure to check out those great green screen visuals in the background of buildings being demolished. The Y Axes, Down and Outlaws, Lords of Sealand The [...]

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Circuit de Yeux supporting Julia Holter at The Chapel for sold out show

Photo by Julia Dratel With show season back in full swing, this weekend holds several intriguing live music options. If you're around The Mission on Sunday, a good bet would be to catch Haley Fohr of Circuit des Yeux opening for Julia Holter at The Chapel (that is, if you managed to snag tickets before they sold out). The two experimental songwriters are touring the U.S. together. Fohr's latest album as Circuit des Yeux, In Plain Speech, has been out since May 2015. According to her Bandcamp page, it is her first recording with a full band. The [...]

Checking in with Hot Flash Heat Wave

Photo credit: Luke Lasley Hot Flash Heat Wave remind me of sweets. Specifically the sweets Theibaud has been painting since the sixties. There's a degree of play at hand in the band's sound and the painter's paintings — tactile and sugary. They're animate via their breeziness. What I like most about Hot Flash Heat Wave are the moments their shininess is contextualized with something a little colder, more piercing. I'm thinking about the part two minutes into "Hesitation," and the way guitar slices clean through the otherwise glassy song. Or how the chorus in "Tastes Good" feels like the pleading, sadder maturation to [...]

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