Video: DSTVV – "Molly Soda" (feat. Keel Her)

DSTVV just released a seizure-inducing video for their track "Molly Soda", and like all things DSTVV, it's bizarre, lo-fi, and kind of hilarious all at the same time. The video is directed by Jack Cusumano, the brother of DSTVV frontman Joel Cusumano, and features clips of GIFs "curated" from Joel's tumblr, blameaspartame. The track is an homage to Molly Soda, a major figure in the odd world of odd tumblrs who Joel tells me "was a perfect subject for a slacker anthem." DSTVV will play the Hemlock February 1st along with Warm Soda and Cocktails. Warm Soda, Cocktails, DSTVV Hemlock [...]

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Sugar Candy Mountain – "Some Body" / "Hey, Look at Me"

Sugar Candy Mountain, a side project of Ash Reiter, has been sharing tracks from their upcoming LP Saudade Love on Bandcamp, and it's music any fan of indie pop and/or psych rock should check out immediately. Drummer Will Halsey, who splits lead vocal duties with Reiter, tells me Saudade Love is a collection of songs he wrote while touring with The Blank Tapes in Brazil and a few "psychadelic tunes" he's been working on with the rest of the band back in the Bay Area. While Reiter's music under her own name is mostly sunny pop, Sugar Candy Mountain drifts [...]

Adam Widener releases new EP, playing at Monarch 1/10/13

San Francisco's Adam Widener, who once played bass for Bare Wires, is set to release a new EP Gimmee Gimmee Scientific Stuff on January 22nd. A vinyl copy of this album would make a sweet addition to your collection even if it wasn't full of catchy, high-energy garage pop. The album cover is actually an old school 3D image designed by Widener, and the red and blue translucent vinyl functions as 3D glasses. Although the album isn't officially out until the 22nd, you can order it now from the Sexy Baby Records Bandcamp page. Widener will be playing live with [...]

Growwler – "Burnt Siena Brown"

San Francisco's Growwler is one of the few high-school bands that survived the inevitable post-graduation breakup and scattering of members, and it's a good thing they did. Having just returned to the Bay Area from Eugene, Oregon, Growwler is set to release an EP and video over the next couple of months. For now, check out "Burnt Sienna Brown" off their latest EP, led by front-man Davis IL's loud and twang-infused vocals. Is it country, chamber pop, southern rock, or something else? Who cares? Just enjoy it – the track is a great introduction to a band that I'm glad [...]

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Best of 2012: Michael Leahy on The French Cassettes

XMAS! by French Cassettes The Bay Area band that consistently impressed me in 2012 with their live shows, that I found myself humming their sticky songs, was The French Cassettes. The French Cassettes cut their teeth in the Modesto music scene for a couple of years before settling in San Francisco last year and now has garnered the attention of well respected SF musicians, taste makers and bookers. The boys had a busy year -- they booked a successful guerrilla tour storming SXSW, peddled their 4 song Radley EP, seemingly played out a couple of times a month all over [...]

Best of 2012: A baptism by fire in Bay Area music

Photo courtesy of Pamela Garcia-Aguirre Despite amounting to nothing less than a watershed year in my life, 2012 feels like it went by in the blink of an eye. Joining The Bay Bridged in May, I was tossed headlong into the Bay Area music scene, everyday making multiple new musical discoveries and adding countless bands to my list of acts to cover. Writing about everything from psych-rock, garage rock, and "cloud rap" to indie-folk, country-punk, and Afro-Caribbean-influenced indie rock, I found myself immersed in a community of unending musical productivity, experimentation, and collaboration, and loving every minute of [...]

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Mike G.'s Best of 2012

Well, 2012 was a pretty stellar year for music (both from the Bay Area and from the rest of the world), and I just want to call out a few of my local favorites from the year. I'm restricting myself because I'm not going to mention how Pussy Riot inspired the whole planet with their punk prayer protesting the repressive Russian regime, or how I literally did not stop playing Grimes' Visions for about 6 months after it came out. Nope, not even going to go there. Best Local Show by a Local Band My favorite local show of the [...]

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Best of 2012: Matthew Hickey on TRAILS AND WAYS

2012 has been a pretty fantastic year for Bay Area music. In fact, it's pretty tough for me to zero in on a true favorite. Ty Segall's Twins & Slaughterhouse are both pretty phenomenal. Exray's Trust a Robot is a beloved release in my home. Fresh & Only's Long Slow Dance will also make my top albums list this year. Geographer's Myth is beautifully cinematic. Blackbird Blackbird is back with a great new album. James & Evander's Let's Go single got me grooving. And there have been countless debut singles by new up-and-coming Bay Area bands to be excited about. [...]

Best of 2012: Matt Jones on Burnt Ones

PROTECTION CIRCLE b/w BLACK LEATHER OR FURS by Burnt Ones This is a tough one, as there's so many great bay area bands these days and I have time and love invested in quite a few of them, but I keep coming back to Burnt Ones...full disclosure, they're all friends of mine, Mark Tester and I work together at Pirates, and Castle Face is hoping to put out a Burnt Ones record in it's a close knit recommendation here, but a worthwhile one. Though I had bought their record Black Teeth & Golden Tongues at Amoeba based on the [...]

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Best of 2012: Russell Jelinek's Favorite Tracks, New Bands, and Videos

2012 was my first full year in the Bay Area, and writing for the Bay Bridged sent me deeper into the local scene. I love end of year lists, but I prefer to call these songs and bands my "favorites" rather than "best." To start, I'll share my 17 favorite songs from Bay Area artists. 1) Main Attrakionz - "Women we Chase" (produced by Friendzone) Friendzone created an absolutely gorgeous beat sampling Tears for Fears' Woman in Chains, and Squadda and Mondre effortlessly flow over it about...well, the women they chase. Is the juxtaposition of the dark and almost haunting [...]

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