Photos: Federale at Bottom of the Hill

Federale (photo: Ria Burman) Federale headlined Friday night's rocking show at the Bottom of the Hill with sweet support from Midnight Sons and Chris Guthridge. With a Spaghetti-Western soundtrack vibe mixed with psych rock flowing through, Federale took the night, majestic and mad, into the early hours of the morning. Check out Federale's album, All the Colours of the Dark, and get your Eastwood eyebrow on.

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Review + Photos: Belle & Sebastian survey rich catalog of songs at the Independent

Belle & Sebastian (photo: Aaron Rubin) Like any indie band worth their weight in vinyl, Scottish legends Belle & Sebastian have captured hearts time and time again, and their intimate show on Thursday, August 10, at the Independent was no exception. Playing a "cheeky" additional show in advance of their weekend appearance at the Outside Lands, the ineffable group sold the show out almost as soon as tickets were made available. I have personally been a fan since 2003's Dear Catastrophe Waitress burrowed its way into my formative high school mind. By then, Belle & Sebastian were polishing up their sound [...]

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Photos: Hans Zimmer at the Greek Theatre

ps (photo: Ria Burman) Hans Zimmer rocked the Greek Theatre last Wednesday night performing an abundance of powerful movie scores and sharing snippets of over 30 years worth of work. Playing piano with a colossal band surrounding him and enriched with a mighty orchestra and killer choir, composer Hans Zimmer took the crowd on an electric, delicate, rollicking ride through the extensions of his mind.

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Review: Priests and Lithics at Swedish American Hall

Monday night’s double-bill post-punk show at the Swedish American Hall was over by 10pm, following two extremely satisfying sets from Portland’s Lithics and Washington D.C.’s Priests — and oh buddy, I'm glad I was there. Lithics hit the stage shortly after 8pm as a small crowd gathered on the floor, which gradually expanded throughout their set. “Oh, hello,” vocalist-guitarist Aubrey Hornor said, addressing the crowd, “I didn’t see you there.” The four piece band launched into a set of taught, angular post-punk with bass-driven melodies and often slightly off-kilter time signatures. While bassist Bob Desaulniers and drummer Wiley Hickson held [...]

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Photos + Review: Rollin Hand deal simple but stylish rock

Rollin Hand (photo: Patric Carver) You know that cool clerk at every guitar store? The one that’s usually not interested in working in a guitar store but equally disinterested in doing anything else? A musical merchant who majored in Post-Modern History or Sanskrit or something else complex and unprofitable? The only one in the place who knows what he’s talking about? Well, image that four of those clerks got together and formed a band. You’d have Rollin Hand. That is a by no means an insult. Last Friday at the Uptown, Rollin Hand provided a set stuffed with smart power-pop that [...]

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Review + Photos: Green Day at the Oakland Coliseum

Green Day (photo: SarahJayn Kemp) Two years ago, I injured my knee screaming “Basket Case” at a karaoke party. The lingering injury is just one of countless ways Green Day has impacted me throughout the years; many of my most memorable elementary and middle school moments can be conjured by the opening notes of a Green Day song, and their music has threaded myself and my childhood friends together, even as we live our adult lives. I’m not going to lie to you and say that I grew up at 924 Gilman, or that I saw Green Day before they were [...]

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Photos: Portugal. The Man at Hearst Greek Theatre

Portugal. The Man (photo: Estefany Gonzalez) Back in May, Portugal. The Man headlined a sold-out show at The Independent. The concert was close-knit and intimate but was only was a prelude to what would be one of the biggest parties at Berkeley's legendary outdoor coliseum— aka the Hearst Greek Theatre. Though both performances were great in their own right and the band offered a two concert package for fans who wanted to attend both shows, the concert at the Greek Theatre wasn't one to miss. This time around, Los Angeles band Local Natives joined the lineup and had the crowd hyped before [...]

Photos: Punk pioneers the Dickies at Slim’s

The Dickies (photo: Aaron Rubin) Iconic LA punk band from the 1970s the Dickies are still giving energetic shows after all these years, with last Saturday's show at Slim's being no exception. The show was complete with blow-up dolls, snorkels, and puppets. Check out all the madness below in the gallery by our own Aaron Rubin.

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