Recap: Live-Tweeting Outside Lands 2013

Over the weekend, the 2013 Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, which saw sold-out crowds packing Golden Gate Park for three great days of music. Below, catch a recap of the festival via our Roman Gokhman, who live-tweeted his three days at the fest. [View the story "Live-Tweeting Outside Lands 2013" on Storify]

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Review & Photos: More highlights from Pickathon 2013!

This was my second Pickathon. Watching Bonnie Prince Billy a few years ago on the Woods stage, full of Dickel, was enough to draw me back. Hell, I'd go to see just about anyone on that fucking stage, and when I heard Howe Gelb would play this year, I forked out the big bucks and dug up the tent. Howe brought a full band and even played my request for "Wonder." It just so happened that Victoria Williams was in the crowd, and she was invited up to sing along. Paradise. Of course, this year would be different. Last time, [...]

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Review & Photos: White Fence, Jessica Pratt, Jonathan Rado @ Rickshaw Stop

Photos by Nicole L. Browner Last night's show at the Rickshaw Stop packed a huge crowd, including familiar faces such as members of Surfer Blood, Thee Oh Sees, Burnt Ones, and the fourteen year-old kid who Bradford Cox brought on stage during Atlas Sound's Noise Pop 2012 show at Bimbo's 365. Yep, you bet he crowdsurfed too, as did two or three other feisty individuals caught up in the energy of White Fence's phenomenal headlining set. Jonathan Rado and his band of "Gentlemen Jets" opened the show. Rado is one of the two permanent members of Foxygen, arguably the most [...]

Review/Photos: Pickathon continues to thrive in the wilds of Oregon

Ty Segall and friends @ Pickathon 2013 (Photo: Joseph Schell) Article by Anna Schell / Photos by Joseph Schell Bay Area artists Ty Segall, White Fence, Jessica Pratt, The Devil Makes Three, and Diane Ferlatte played at Oregon’s annual Pickathon music festival this past weekend. After 15 years, Pickathon’s organizers have the winning festival formula dialed in: eclectic line-up + attendance capped at 7,000 + kid-friendly + environmentally-friendly = everybody’s happy. Featured musical artists tended to agree, frequently declaring the three-day festival a highlight of their touring circuit. “Everyone in the world is trying to do what you’re doing here,” [...]

Review & Photos: Weekend, Wax Idols, Chasms @ The Independent, 7/26/13

Photos by Tanner Pikop On Friday night, Bay Area locals Chasms and Wax Idols took the stage at the Independent with Weekend. And what better time for a night full of goth music than the middle of the chilly part of the summer. There’s something completely unbeatable about a band with amazing live performance quality. You can listen to your favorite band’s record on repeat all you want, but if you see them live and they suck, that whole facade of their recordings falls to the floor. You feel ambiguous loss. As if your best friend went to Burning Man [...]

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Review & Photos: Speedy Ortiz, Shinobu, Wild Moth @ Bottom of the Hill

Speedy Ortiz (Photo: Tim Draut) Baby buzzband Speedy Ortiz rolled through Bottom of the Hill last night supporting their Best New Music certified debut full-length Major Arcana, which was released on Carpark Records about two weeks ago. Local punk rock bands Wild Moth and Shinobu opened the show. I was there. It was fun. San Francisco four-piece Wild Moth kicked off the night with a set of rowdy post-punk garage rock. I was only able to catch the tail end of their set, but from what I saw these dudes were shredding pretty hard. Future headliners for sure. Bay Area [...]

Review & Photos: Deafheaven, Marriages, Monuments Collapse @ Bottom of the Hill

Photos by Nicole L. Browner Deafheaven vocalist George Clarke cultivated a peculiar psychopath/serial killer/hitman vibe onstage at Bottom of the Hill Monday night, wearing his trademark all-black outfit plus black gloves. He is one intense dude. His band's music is rife with long instrumental passages of experimental noise and psychedelic exploration, during which Clarke stalks the stage like he's possessed, glowers at the crowd, and makes what look like threatening gestures. Sometimes he appears to be gagging himself with his own fingers. But then the next minute he's screaming in a black metal screech so full of menace and foreboding [...]

Your Highlights from Phono del Sol 2013!

On Saturday, thousands of you joined us in Potrero del Sol Park for the 2013 Phono del Sol Music & Food Festival, a ridiculously fun day of music, food, and all-around great times. Below, we've collected highlights from the fest as captured by you and us on Instagram, including plenty of shots of Thee Oh Sees, YACHT and all of the day's festivities. You can, of course, always follow our latest pics on our Instagram account. Check out some highlights from Phono del Sol 2013 below! [View the story "Highlights from Phono del Sol 2013" on Storify]

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Review: The Melodic, Song Preservation Society, Dyllan Hersey 7/10/13 @ Rickshaw Stop

I'll never forget my middle school bully, Allen. (I say that like he was the only one; there were several). One of the P.E. teachers played guitar, and on Fridays, a bunch of us more musically-curious students would tote our cheap or hand-me-down guitars to school with us and gather in his portable classroom at lunch time. I was one of them. So was Allen. For me, guitar was fun to play, but I wasn't any good at it. Allen wasted no time in reminding me. Repeatedly. Not a Friday went by that he didn't angrily shout at me for [...]

Review & Photos: Pure Bathing Culture at Wood Shoppe, 7/2/13

Brick and Mortar’s monthly series Wood Shoppe is always a hit - a free show on the first Tuesday of each month, cheap beer, good company, and of course a consistently stellar lineup of up-and-coming bands. What’s not to love? The most recent Wood Shoppe show was no exception. In fact, with Pure Bathing Culture headlining, it was one of the best nights of the Wood Shoppe series I’ve been to. It’s pretty typical of Wood Shoppe to have a finger on the pulse, but for this show they really hit it out of the park. Cannons & Clouds opened [...]

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