Photos: The Seshen + Mahawam at the Independent

The Seshen (photo: Ben Einstein) Another weekend brings another bundle of great shows back to the Bay Area. The Seshen celebrated their first indoor concert in since the pandemic hit at The Independent on Saturday, sharing the stage with Mahawam and King Isis. We captured the kinetic energy of the night, snapping photos during both Mahawam and the Seshen's dynamic performances.

Photos: Fantastic Negrito at the Frost Amphitheater

Fantastic Negrito (photo: Jon Bauer) Live music continues to make its return to the Bay Area, and what better way to celebrate it than with the Bay Area's own Fantastic Negrito at the gorgeous Frost Amphitheater? Our photographer Jon Bauer was at the show last Thursday and captured the gallery below of the evening of live music, capturing Xavier Dphrepaulezz in all his glory.

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Review + Photos: Madame Gandhi and Perfume Genius at Stern Grove

Perfume Genius (photo: Patric Carver) I have a new hobby I want to tell you all about. It's being earnest with my late-stage pandemic emotions. Look, I get it. We're all supposed to be cool. We're supposed to rise above the banal chit-chat and repetitious conversations. We're totally hip. Except, now that we've been living like teenagers grounded by the wrath of infectious disease for over a year, I simply cannot contain my joy that it is getting safer and safer for people to gather together. I'm going to remark how crazy it is to see people in person — [...]

Photos: Jazz Mafia’s “Birth of the Cool” at the New Parish

Jazz Mafia's “Birth of the Cool” (photo: Jon Bauer) In celebration of Miles Davis' birthday (May 26, 1926), Jazz Mafia performed their own versions of selections from Birth Of The Cool at the New Parish in Oakland. It was the first live show since the pandemic began at the New Parish. The performers were: Adam Theis (Trombone and Bass Guitar) Henry Hung (Trumpet) Joe Cohen (Alto Sax) Tommy Occhiuto (Bari Sax) Colin Hogan (Keyboards) Henry Plumb (Drums)

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Review + Photos: Jazz Mafia’s “Future Standard” at the Pod Patio

Jazz Mafia's “Future Standard” (photo: Jon Bauer) Jazz Mafia’s “Future Standard” explores the world of current pop music through the lens of the jazz musician. This tradition of reshaping popular songs goes back as far as the roots of jazz: A popular song gets reimagined by musicians outside of the pop genre (in this case, incorporating improvisation), which then gets recorded, sampled, and incorporated into the next generation of pop music...and a cycle is born. Thus the music of Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish & Little Dragon (etc.,) are the standards of the future. Tune in (for free) to Jazz Mafia Tuesdays [...]

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Review + Photos: Cosa Nostra Strings at the “Pod Patio”

Cosa Nostra Strings (photo: Jon Bauer) Here and there around the Bay Area, shows are still happening — with some obvious changes to the usual live-music experience. Here's what it was like for our photographer Jon to experience Jazz Mafia's Cosa Nostra Strings' new "Pod Patio" series, performed in a backyard in Oakland and livestreamed to YouTube. This week featured Lilan Kane on vocals. Seats for you and your pod at future concerts will be raffled off weekly — keep an eye on Jazz Mafia's Instagram for more info.

Review + Photos: Soul Ska Livestream at A Backyard in San Anselmo

Soul Ska livestream (photo: Carolyn McCoy) Words by Carolyn McCoy At this point in time, most of us are experiencing a bit of the Lockdown Blues. Even though it seems we are coming out of it, we are entering back into a world that has changed drastically. It is sad to say that the music scene in the Bay Area is in a state of a significant overhaul, with massive shutdowns and closures of all music venues, bars, and clubs. Most of us have not gone to a live show since mid-March, and bands and musicians are struggling to find a [...]

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Photos: Looking for live music? Andrew St. James is performing in the city

Andrew St. James (photo: Ian Young) It's been roughly 5,432,400 days since in-person live concerts were a thing (or at least it's felt like it) but Andrew St. James has been scratching that itch by driving around San Francisco and playing to intimate, socially-distanced crowds in various neighborhoods. Joined by guitarist Scott Padden, the pair delighted crowds at multiple stops last Saturday, including in front of the Balboa Theatre, along the Great Highway, and next to Buena Vista Park. For 15 minutes at a time, St. James and Padden helped bring a sense of normalcy, levity, and human connection to the [...]

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Photos: KISS at Oracle Arena

KISS (photo: Jon Bauer) In what will undoubtedly be one of the last big shows in the Bay for the foreseeable future, last week saw Oakland Arena get rock and rolled all night by the legendary KISS in what they have hailed as their final tour, set to in end 2021. They were joined by David Lee Roth, who gave great energy in setting the party tone of the night. Our photographer Jon Bauer has an excellent gallery from the night that you can check out below, and we hope we have more amazing photos like these again soon. [...]

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Photos: Shopping at Rickshaw Stop

Shopping (photo: Ian Young) Besides a few people wearing masks and gloves, Tuesday night seemed like any other night at Rickshaw Stop. A full crowd was buzzing with energy (and probably beer, let's be honest) in anticipation of seeing two impossible-to-google post punk bands: Britain's Shopping and LA's Automatic. Shopping is a powerhouse of frenetic energy, thumping bass grooves and catchy hooks that can convince anyone to dance their cares — or worries about a global pandemic and economic meltdown — away. Automatic was a delightful surprise for many in the crowd, and they gained dozens of new fans after [...]

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