Photos: Eden and Vérité at the Regency Ballroom

Eden (photo: Robert Alleyne) Jonathon Ng, better known by his moniker Eden, performed at the Regency Ballroom Tuesday night, March 13, 2018. He was joined by Brooklyn singer Vérité, who performed with a full backing band and gave a ton of energy in support of their release last year, Somewhere in Between. Check out the very slick gallery below of both performers from the night by our own Robert Alleyne.

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Noise Pop 2008: His and Hers Reviews of She & Him, Closing Night at GAMH

His: By Nate Baker She & Him, She and Him, She and Him … say it ten times fast and it begins to sound like the chug-a-lug of an oncoming train, which is about what the hype surrounding this celebrity pair amounted to leading up to their first ever gig, the closing night slot of Noise Pop 2008. Their story, (that is, of course, M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel) is quaint: he's a renowned left-of-center songwriter; she's a left-of-center actress and a closeted songwriter, "hoarding her home demos like acorns in the winter." They share a love for the California [...]

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Noise Pop 2008: Blitzen Trapper, Fleet Foxes, Here Here, Sholi

Sholi Festival bills, for good or worse, often feature classic mismatches of genres owing to the sheer task of scheduling between the various committees, bands and venues on any given night. While many people attend an event with their beloved band in mind already, others certainly embrace the expanded bills hoping to stumble upon a new love. Thursday's show at the Bottom of the Hill paired two openers rising on the local radar (Sholi and Here Here) with two of Sub Pop's most recent buzz boomers, Blitzen Trapper and touring mates Fleet Foxes. Sholi opened the evening with the night's [...]

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Noise Pop 2008: The Dodos, Or, the Whale, Bodies of Water

Last Thursday's Noise Pop show at Cafe du Nord was beyond sold out, with even badge-holders being turned away at the door. What could possibly explain such an avalanche of buzz? The shocking answer at the end of this article... but first, LA's Bodies of Water, whose set I came away from not remembering much of the music but still being oddly thrilled by the performance. It's weird to say that the hallmark of the band's sound is their group vocals, because that seems like such a thin premise on which to establish a distinctive musical vision. But they themselves [...]

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Noise Pop 2008: Tilly and the Wall, Capgun Coup, Tally Hall and Little Teeth

Little Teeth Little Teeth started off this 6pm Noise Pop show at the Rickshaw Stop. This local band consists of three members that switch from one eclectic instrument to the next, playing mandolins, cellos and random percussion attached to microphones. Their sound is experimental, making good use of a loop station, as well as off-beat and very loud (I seriously thought my ears where bleeding at one point). Dannie Murrie, the lead singer, had an eccentric personality that reminded me of a modern Janis Joplin, using every sound her throat could make and belting it out. The band plans on [...]

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Noise Pop 2008: The Mountain Goats, So Many Dynamos, Caves

Caves Arrrgh, every year Noise Pop does this to me. Every year they put on a great Sunday afternoon show at Bottom of the Hill that only serves to remind me how BotH used to put on regular Sunday afternoon shows with free BBQ and how awesome they were. Why don't they do that anymore? I don't even care if they have free BBQ (and I say that as a person for whom "free" and "BBQ" are two of the most delicious words in the English language), just let me be able to drink beer and see bands on a [...]

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