Last Call

(photo: Robert Alleyne) To all the bands and all the fans... Thanks for 15 years full of music, fun, and local love. We've had a blast and we'll see you at a show soon. Listen Local, The Bay Bridged

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Caitlin Cobb-Vialet’s ‘Boots and Menthols’ is a curious and contemplative journey

Caitlin Cobb-Vialet's "Boots and Menthols'"is the latest in a string of serpentine stream-of-consciousness singles from her upcoming EP, out in October on War Chant Records. Like her previous singles, the excellent "Not A Child" and "I Confuse Us," this one is loaded with ennui and self-aware musings and features subtle yet complimentary production by Jim Greer. Though these songs all incorporate different sonic palates, the through-line is Cobb-Vialet's electric piano playing and matter-of-fact vocal delivery. The singles also share a rhapsodic quality; throwing a traditional verse/chorus structure out the window. Each is its own journey, and each ends [...]

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Hudson Bell explores new dimensions with ‘Psychic Breaks’

(photo: Patric Carver) The first time I saw Hudson Bell was years ago at the Starry Plough. I remember being captivated by the hooky charm of his songs — particularly "In a Ball." I was humming it to myself for days afterward. If the fecund ground of pop music is fertilized by earworms, Bell is a masterful composter. However, the ease by which the listener can be comfortable with Bell's songs should not be mistaken for a lack of complexity. His compositions bridge this great divide between being completely familiar without having the slightest hint of predictability. That night, even [...]

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Review + Photos: Sound Summit serves up summer jams

Sound Summit (photo: William Wayland) We showed our double vaccination cards and climbed aboard the shuttles that would wind their way from Mill Valley above the morning fog to the amphitheater overlooking the bay. The Cushing Memorial Amphitheater was built using rough-hewn boulders by the Civilian Conservation Corp in 1933. It doesn’t have the polish of a venue like the Shoreline Amphitheater, but that’s the beauty of it.  Steps are uneven and trees can block your view. It’s rustic. Here, the backdrop is Tiburon, Angel Island, Alcatraz, and San Francisco. I don’t know if there’s a better place in the Bay Area to [...]

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Photos: Sylvan Esso at the Greek Theatre

Sylvan Esso (photo: Jon Bauer) Last Thursday saw a sold-out show at Berkley's historic Greek Theatre with a stacked lineup. The headliners were duo Sylvan Esso performing in support of last year's album Free Love, and they were joined by Local Natives and Samia, whose debut album The Baby also came out last year. Our photographer Jon Bauer was at this special night and captured all performers from this eclectic evening of beautiful live music. Check out the photos below.

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Spiritual Cramp drops new video, “Earth to Mike”

It's Tuesday morning, what're you doing? Probably curating some pictures of Labor Day brunch or a scenic beach sunset for your IG feed? Knock it off right now, that shit ain't punk. Do yourself a favor: take a break from your work emails, your late-morning doomscrolling, or whatever awful true-crime podcast you're binging — and check out Spiritual Cramp's new single "Earth to Mike." Directed by Timmy Lodhi, the video is a bump of high-energy Bay Area punk rock that will make you want to punch air and two-step straight down to the nearest moped dealership. If you need something [...]

Photos: Small Black at the Independent

Small Black (photo: Vanessa Solis) Brooklyn electronica and chillwave band Small Black brought their sound to the Independent last week in support of their latest album, Cheap Dreams. They were also joined by Philadelphia electronic band Korine. Our photographer Vanessa Solis was there to capture both bands from the night as shows make their return to the Bay Area. Check them out below.

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Important news about The Bay Bridged

To our readers, After an incredible 15 years, The Bay Bridged will be ceasing operations on October 1, 2021. The Bay Bridged began in San Francisco in 2006 with a small podcast premised on a big idea: that even in an age of increasing access to digital music from around the globe, local music scenes mattered. We eventually blossomed into a multifaceted local music nonprofit, creating a blog that reached 60,000 readers every month and producing festivals and concerts like The Bay Brewed, Rock Make Street Festival, and, of course, Phono Del Sol — all of which championed discovery and celebration of [...]

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Listen to Elliott Ok’s new single, “Joey”

Elliott Ok's new single "Joey," released on July 22, is another example of his compositional range, lyrical prowess, and talent for awakening stunning ethereal textures. Much like his other work, "Joey" is a not just an achievement in songwriting but in crafting an environment in which an insightful story thrives and takes on a life of its own. Within an Americana architecture is an endearing theater of nostalgia and kinship played out in a night where a narrator reflects on the reticent struggles of close friend, Joey. It's endearingly intimate and melancholic: The sun's almost down / This towns one front [...]

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Blues Lawyer releases “Scenic Route” on…a postcard

“Who knows where we’ll be in ten months,” Blues Lawyer thought when pressing plants told them they might have to wait almost a year to release their new single, “Scenic Route” on 7” vinyl. The Oakland band looked for a way to put the song out more quickly and, after rejecting “all that extra plastic” of cassette tapes, Elyse Schrock (drums/vocals and also videography) and Rob I. Miller (vocals/guitar) from Blues Lawyer were looking into flexis (remember those thin plastic promos that came in music magazines?) when they found a manufacturer that could press on postcards. Not only did this [...]

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