Dog Party stream new album, ‘Vol. 4’, in full

Sacramento sisters Dog Party are prepping for the release of their new LP, Vol. 4. They've helpfully provided a stream over at Noisey. The folks at Noisey compare it to Green Day's '94 breakout Dookie, but we don't think they're giving Dog Party enough credit. No disrespect to the East Bay legends, but the Giles sisters have a little more bite. Vol. 4 is out tomorrow as a co-release between Burger and the South Bay's storied Asian Man Records. You can also check out a video for the single "Peanut Butter Dream" on PureVolume. They'll also be at the Burger [...]

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Video Premiere: Talkies – “Hollow”

Last year, Oakland's Talkies caught our ear with their hook-laced pop-rock sound. Since we first talked to them, Talkies have toured up and down the coast and released their debut cassette on Death Records. Today, they're releasing a video for "Hollow", a track from the aforementioned Death Records cassette. It features clips of the 1932 Fleischer Studios cartoon "Dancing on the Moon" synced up to the track 80's aerobics style. OMG! It fits perfectly! But seriously, the cartoon's a nice complement - check it out: Talkies have a host of shows coming up, starting tomorrow night at Rickshaw with [...]

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Premiere: Dangermaker – “Disappear”

Coming off their most recent show at Live 105's BFD this past weekend, Dangermaker is back and ready to start kicking off the hype for their forthcoming album, Light The Dark II. The album is slated for release in September, but we have their newest single "Disappear" available for you to listen to right now. "Disappear" is filled with catchy riffs, a beautifully crafted level of production and catchy vocal melodies that are stirring and indelible. The otherworldly chorus is captivating, and brings a haunted sense of resolution throughout the song. It's definitely a song that will be playing over [...]

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Kat Robichaud releases video for “Why Do You Love Me Now?”

Kat Robichaud, proud owner of the Bay Area's best voice, has a new music video out for her heartstring-puller "Why Do You Love Me Now?". Inspired by the classic '70s horror flick Carrie (forget that banal remake from two years ago) and shot in one breathless, continuous take, it is a simmering marvel that impresses without feeling over-produced or utterly pretentious. The slow motion effect and fluorescent white backdrop gives the video an ephemeral vibe, the fickle nature of popularity represented as a kind of vacuous purgatory. Climaxing with a hellish conclusion, this is one you won't be able to [...]

Titus Andronicus plot epic tour for epic new album; SF Show in September

Naming an album The Most Lamentable Tragedy may seem like copping a page out of the Billy Corgan playbook of pretentiousness, but Patrick Stickles of Titus Andronicus somehow gets a free pass for opting for that ridiculous title. When you have the audacity to name your band after a Shakespearean play, everything from here on out should be fair game. Stickles, the mad genius behind the New Jersey-based punk group, isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself, but he rarely dabbles in irony (a welcome breath of fresh air in indie rock.) He’s the guy who somehow managed to compare [...]

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Ezra Furman: The Renewal Junkie

You heard it here first: Ezra Furman’s a big deal. Actually, if you’ve been paying attention, you heard it in Europe first. Though he’s been working as an artist for nearly a decade now — in Boston, in Chicago, in the Bay Area — the Oakland resident is touring Europe this summer, with special attention paid to the United Kingdom, all to meet a public demand that took root last year. “It was kinda wild," he says. "They increasingly care about me and my band,” he says of his snowballing fame on the other side of the Atlantic. He's speaking [...]

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Get to know: Moira Scar and V.E.X.

Photo by David Chi With a band name like Moira Scar and albums titled Psychosis and Scarred for Life, I thought I was in for something dark and disturbing when I first played their tracks. Yeah, there's plenty of darkness and screams, but underneath it all, it's just so much more fun (and danceable) than I was expecting. Moira Scar began as a collaboration between comic book artists Roxy Monoxide and LuLu Gamma Ray, who according to Roxy, "came out of the S.F. synth punk sewer rock of The Floating Corpses". Drummer Mikey Mayhem was brought in to fill out [...]

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White Cloud releases debut LP Seven Heads

It’s been a slow and steady train for SF band White Cloud, who now stand on the much anticipated brink of their debut LP release, Seven Heads. It’s been seven years since Nick Capello and James Murphy (Mwahaha) formed the band within the depths of Oakland in 2007, which has now morphed into a 4 piece by adding Clarence Magno and Shiv Mehra (Deafheaven, Creepers). Seven Heads is a strongly built, if brief, 5-song LP, combining elements of ‘70s krautrock and contemporary pop within the stream of psychedelia that flows throughout. The album was recorded with Patrick Spurgeon of Rogue [...]

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Interview: Bells Atlas release new EP, Hyperlust

There are, and will be, bands whose sole purpose seems to push and pull genre in new directions. But I don't think Bells Atlas is really one of those bands. They're definitely hard to describe, and describing them results in a lot of words ending in "-ish" and "-ey." But their inimitable sound seems like less of an intention and more of a symptom of their band dynamic; I think this is just what Bells Atlas are and sound like. Hyperlust, the four-track EP, came out this week, and was recorded primarily at Zoo Labs (Oakland) with Jacob Winik, and at Robot [...]

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Bear Lincoln releases new music video for “Give”

The boys in Bear Lincoln have a new music video to share with y’all. Set at a house party, which is fitting considering “Give” is one of their most effective party-starting songs, it features exactly the kind of good time you pictured in your head when you first heard the tune. Consider it a preview of their upcoming showcase with Balanced Breakfast at the Independent later this month. If they can ensure that kind of craziness at a quaint house in Berkeley, just imagine what they’ll do to the Independent. Battlehooch, Sun Hop Fat, Bear Lincoln, Lords of Sealand [...]

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