Jet Trash premiere “Blood Moon,” play Bottom of the Hill

We've been almost criminally negligent in keeping you up-to-date on Jet Trash — San Francisco makers of foot-stomping, head-bobbing, epically fun rock 'n' roll — our last headline on them is from over a year ago, and for that we're truly sorry. In our defense, the band has been putting out a lot lately in prep for their recorded debut, and it's been hard to keep up. Most recently (and in a familiar instance of our transatlantic neighbors recognizing a Bay Area band's brilliance before we do), the band has premiered "Blood Moon" with the U.K's Clash. Listen below. Jet [...]

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Oakland’s Crush release two smashing tributes to American guitar music

Oakland's Crush play self-described "musclegaze", something they made clear beyond all doubt on their self-titled debut just this last January (that EP is available for your collection on 7" via Mayfly Records). The new EP, aptly titled Crush II, juxtaposes a dense, thoughtful ballad, with a noisy banger of a track. Opener "Soviet Life" is laced with acoustic guitars, and beautiful hooks sung in harmony by both vocalists- "let's destroy the government, just because there's punishment", the song ends with triumphant, sustained chords, chords that embody the "musclegaze". [bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=4154710350 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false] These are songs whose upbeat melody belies their content; [...]

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La Luz release new single and play Rickshaw Stop

Photo by Andrew Imanaka La Luz glows brightly with whatever they do and wherever they go, even though they're from Seattle where the sun tends to hide. They have the energy all your fave 60s girl groups would've had back in the 60s and dress just a little more modern. They recently released the single "Don't Wanna Be Anywhere" in anticipation of their sophomore album Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art). From what I can tell of the two singles they have released so far (the other being "You Disappear"), their new album will still have that surfy doo-wop sound, but only more in [...]

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Video Premiere: Lil Dowager – “Bible History Month”

(Lil Dowager at The Honey Hive, SF) A little over a month ago Oakland spazz-jazz noise trio Lil Dowager released their second EP, Never Too Late to Hate, which expands on the wild, careening punk sound they established with last year's Attorney at Law. Now they've stitched together a video for "Bible History Month", the EP's third song, and one of its more approachable tracks, opening with an insane set of drum rolls before breaking into a lurching beat accented with moaning leads. The video captures the band's fun, 'no fucks given' attitude, and their quirky sense of humor. Lots of harsh, pixelated [...]

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Negative Press Project debut full-length coming soon

Photo by Amelia Kennedy Bay Area group Negative Press Project describes themselves as "a seven-piece electro-acoustic jazz/indie-rock–inspired original music collective".  Co-led by musicians Ruthie Dineen and Andrew Lion, they have announced work on their debut full length release.  They're asking for help from fans, so if you feel so inclined, take a look at their crowdfunding page. Negative Press Project is an eclectic group. A lot of genre jumping goes on, but the main idea is pretty straight forward:  stellar playing. The musicians in the group are all incredibly talented! Dineen (keyboards) and Lion (bass) compose the pieces, which are all open [...]

Video Premiere: Sporting Life – “Dull & Safe / Forces At Play”

As we patiently wait for the forthcoming LP from San Francisco's Sporting Life, we're pleased to present a wonderful new video from the group for the tracks "Dull & Safe" and "Forces at Play". The video was shot beautifully by Frank Door, while the band provided the massive layers of sound that seems to be part of a signature sound they have developed in a very short time. It's all just so momentous: You can get a live taste of Sporting Life Saturday night (after Phono del Sol, of course) at the Hemlock. Their debut LP, Rivalry, will be [...]

The Traveling ILLS release new music video “Rain On My Parade”

Photo: Shayna Hahn Billy Bragg once lamented the near impossibility of mixing "pop with politics" over twenty years ago, but Santa Cruz-based rockers The Traveling Ills seemingly have no problem tackling the very serious issue of the California drought in their latest music video "Rain On My Parade." It's an acerbic depiction of society's wasteful ways, comparing an inebriated night out on the town with our often careless consumption of the resources around us. After all, the patrons of this bar aren't getting plastered off booze: they're downing water like there's no tomorrow. The song itself is a straight-up hip-shaker [...]

Blood brothers ‘SinSerious’ sign to MF Grimm’s label Day by Day Entertainment

SinSerious is the project of Alex and Jordan Powell - two brothers who have been refining their craft under various monikers for years now, honing their flow in San Diego and arriving at their current iteration here in San Francisco. Often performing under the names Ace Diego and Gamma, the two have been releasing music as a unit since mid 2012. Their brand of bouncy, thoughtful hip-hop prioritizes optimism and word play; crackling vinyl sounds and goofy samples about champagne litter the record and compliment its casual atmosphere. Their efforts caught the attention of MF Grimm, a storied MC from New York whose label [...]

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Oakland’s Mansion to release experimental, no-wave album ‘Early Life’

Oakland's Mansion are a relatively new group. They make music that sounds like they've listened to a lot of the bands that identified with New York's No Wave scene, and puts them in camp with East Bay noise acts like No Babies and Stillsuit. Their first release was last year's self-titled EP, the first track of which opens with marching drums and bursts of white noise. The music is dark and industrial. Their new LP, entitled Early Life, is coming out on Oakland's Degenerate Mag, who are foregoing their traditional medium of zine to make this vinyl their 17th issue. I really appreciate [...]

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Cazadero releases ‘Domestic Refugee’

Cazadero, the project fronted by our good friend and former Bay Bridged contributor Joe Hayes, just released Domestic Refugee, their third LP in a little over four years. Hayes, a longtime veteran of the local scene was once a member of the eclectic improvisers The Don'ts, (who were featured on The Bay Bridged's first compilation album and Podcast 217). With Cazadero, Hayes and his band have developed a distinct retro sound that makes me want to use the word "ramble" for some reason. Domestic Refugee is a trip across the United States (rambling in a large olive-green Buick from the [...]

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