Relive summer nostalgia with The Mantles’ video for “Doorframe”

The Mantles (Photo by David Armstrong) There's something about most jangle-pop that instantly recalls warm summer breezes and waxing nostalgic. Today, you deserve a bit of a summer throwback, and that comes in the form of San Francisco-based The Mantles' new video for their single "Doorframe." The song itself is a perfect specimen of shimmering guitar hooks and wistful moods, grounded by singer/guitarist Michael Olivares' lightly ragged vocals. The video, directed by drummer Virginia Weatherby, wonderfully highlights these juxtapositions while simply having a ton of fun. We see shots of the band playing together by the water, dressed in black, with the [...]

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Gold Minor to release new single “Take Me Home”

Anybody who says rock n' roll is dead, or at least dormant in San Francisco, obviously hasn't seen Gold Minor live yet. Whether guitarist Adam Dragland is busting out a scintillating solo while literally climbing the venue's walls or lead singer Michael Carney is belting out a soulful ballad like "Kiss The Night," the band infuses new life into a genre that many claim is on life-support. It's a bare basic formula they're working with - loud guitars, blistering drum beats, thumping bass lines - but it's played like the first time Chuck Berry duck-walked across a stage or Elvis [...]

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Useless Eaters to release live album in November

In San Francisco's Tenderloin district is a kitsch, vintage clothing store known for occasionally throwing shows in the basement of their building located on Larkin St., a venue also known by locals as VACATION SF. Memphis-bred, San Francisco-based act Useless Eaters have recently recorded one of their shows at the location and are releasing their live performance album on John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees' label Castle Face Records. The band's live album is part of a series put together by the label in honor of various live performances throughout the city. Castle Face Records' Live in San Francisco series [...]

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Willow Steps releases debut EP, ‘The Secret You Can’t Bear to Keep’

Willow Steps is a look into that which is romantic and beautiful about the "steps" we encounter in life. A concoction of Jesse Strickman (vocals, guitar) and Leiya Mahoney (vocals), the band is the bare-bones sound of guitar, vocals and some lucid instrumentation -- a step away from heavy production and a step toward the vulnerability of relying on lyrics and simple melodies. The Secret You Can't Bear To Keep is an audio novella documenting Strickman's relationship with one of his closest friends. A story of time, love, and heartbreak. "Parting Pangaea," the first track on the EP, is a follow-up to a [...]

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Shaggy Sample drops ‘#2 Record’

Oakland's Shaggy Sample just released their second album, the appropriately-titled #2 Record. While the first album heavily features David Jaberi's Wurlitzer finding classic grooves, #2 Record is dominated more by jangly guitars, giving the first half of the album more of a light-rock-meets-California-country-vibe than their debut. Fans of electric piano grooves need not fret, as the Wurlitzer is more prominent on the back half. Shaggy Sample performs at Starline Social Club October 27, which if you haven't noticed, has been booking some very nice shows as of late. Listen to #2 Record below. #2 Record by Shaggy Sample Little Wings, [...]

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John Travoltage releases debut EP

The debut EP of John Travoltage may be titled Done to Death, but that certainly doesn't make their charmingly familiar brand of power-pop any less catchy. Recalling everything from the heavier side of Cheap Trick to the scrappy '90s pop-punk of Superchunk, this San Francisco-based four-piece delights with their seemingly boundless energy, penchant for loud, bright guitar lines and wry, pointed lyrics. Single "Buckskin" is the one you'll want to crank--with its charging chorus and boisterous back-beat, it's likely to induce enthusiastic mosh pits at live shows. The accompanying music video emphasizes the band's quirkier side. It's replete with obscure [...]

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Get to Know: Abbot Kinney (+ win free tickets!)

Credit: Sarah Natasha Photography Abbot Kinney is both San Francisco and Los Angeles. It is the story and culmination of living in two great cities in one big state. The sound of fog as it cascades through Sutro Tower, or the feeling of the sun kissing "good morning" to the Hollywood sign. Or it's the path in between: the long stretch of the 101, in all its vastness and glory, and the focus-driven path that is the 5. Either way, Abbot Kinney is coming out with a new EP called The Night. He's also playing an upcoming show at the [...]

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Unconditional Arms tease upcoming live record

Back in July Unconditional Arms played an intimate show to a group of friends and fans in a beautiful studio hidden away on one of the more unassuming blocks of San Pablo in Oakland. Set at Santo Recordings, the post rock quartet crafted a set of songs taken from every release up to this point complete with an intermission necessary to bring the band gracious refills of oxygen. The show was professionally recorded and will soon be released as both a live album and film which you can pre-order now via The Native Sound. Unconditional Arms take the stage at [...]

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Cassette Store Day 2015 is this Saturday

As you may have noticed, cassettes are back. Burger Records are a major figure in indie and garage rock scene right now, while also truly being a cassette label. They've released cassettes by Jenny Lewis to  Soko to Dancer. Burger even has their own mini subsidiary label called Weiner Records, in which bands can pay for the design, press, master, and distribution of their tapes. And Saturday, they have Cassette Store Day. Recently there was even an article via NBC news about the "old cassette's comeback" (in which you can spot some great indie bands' tapes being manufactured at National Audio Co). Right [...]

Giraffage tackles yet another US Tour

Charlie Yin, the man behind the Giraffage dance party, has spent a sizable amount of 2015 on the road from a winter tour with Spazzkid to a mass of festival appearances from HARD Summer to Life is Beautiful. Hopefully you were aerating the grass in one of the crowds for either Mad Decent Block Party or Outside Lands and you already know what Yin is capable of. As it isn’t enough to keep the dreamy electronic remixes of R. Kelly or Janet Jackson on repeat, his live sets continue to incorporate these fan favorites within his growing catalog of originals. [...]

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