Q&A: Exclusive premiere of Emily Afton’s new single “Someday”

Photos by: Nicholas Lea Bruno By: Andrea Hey Emily Afton is an Oakland-based musician from a small town down in Southern California. Her take on indie pop is like no other, mixing her charming Georgian roots with the deeper city sounds of San Diego and the Bay Area. After returning home from a brief tour with Third Eye Blind in the South and Midwest, Emily is now releasing a new track called “Someday.” Emily’s sound has been described as “deep and smokey… emotive and honest songs from a place that feels lodged in the past, rooted in a dreamy barefoot [...]

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Premiere: The Dry Spells release first new music in six years, “Heliotrope”

Hello The Dry Spells, it's nice to meet you again! The last time we heard new music from the beloved San Francisco psych-folk four-piece was in 2009, when they released their searing and somber debut record Too Soon For Flowers on local label Antenna Farm. Well, they're back with an equally haunting new song called "Heliotrope," and it's sending shivers down our spine. The band recorded the song a few years ago with Magic Trick's Tim Cohen, and it's the b-side to a split single with The She's released today on Empty Cellar Records. It starts out with some wry minor guitar chords and slowly [...]

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Tumbleweed Wanderers add bluesy b-side “Every Song” to our 10th Anniversary Compilation

As you know, over forty Bay Area bands have contributed a rare or never-heard-before song to our 2015 fundraiser compilation — one great perk of donating among many. Today, we're taking a closer look at the contribution from some of our favorite buskers turned relentless tourers, Tumbleweed Wanderers. "Every Song" — an unreleased b-side from their last recording session — showcases an intimate touch from the normally high-energy Wanderers. The heartfelt bluesy trackprovides an avenue to put their wonderful harmonies in the spotlight, with acoustic guitar and subtle organ holding it together while the drums hold off until the harmonica [...]

Premiere: Mammatus emerges from Santa Cruz with new heavy psych jams

If you're a fan of ambitious, out-there heavy psych, you'll want to dive into Sparkling Waters, the new album from Santa Cruz heavy-prog-psych band Mammatus. The trio's fourth LP is a double album comprised of four side-long compositions, each of which has multiple movements. Today, we're premiering "The Elkhorn," which traverses a lot of ground over fifteen minutes, from heavy grooves to hypnotic synth-driven drones. It's an impressive song, well captured by SF production whiz Phil Manley. That every element of "The Elkhorn" comes together so seamlessly is a testament to the band's songwriting skill and thoughtful approach to recording. [...]

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Premiere: Acid Fast’s “Blackout Curtains” off nostalgic, hook filled sophomore LP

Acid Fast have been around the block. The group is comprised of seasoned rockers who cut their chops in bands like Big Kids and currently still perform in Nervous, Pigeon Island, and Death Drive. After laying low for some time, the foursome is back with their sophomore album, scheduled to come out right in time for their 5th anniversary as a band. Last Night on Earth recalls the nostalgic, driving rhythms that were coming out of California and Philly around 2010 with bands like Glocca Morra, Summer Vacation, and of course, pre-Acid Fast pop punkers Big Kids. Unlike last year's Rabid Moon, the new [...]

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Interview: Catching up with surf pop locals The She’s

The She's are Sami Perez, Hannah Valente, Eva Treadway, and Sinclair Riley -- four ladies in their early 20s who've been at it as a band since the seventh grade and have since been an integral part of the San Francisco scene, putting out a steady stream of shimmery surf pop with darker undertones. These days, they're still as busy as ever: They just put out a brilliant single "Cherry Red" on the local label Empty Cellar, who they were just signed to, and are playing a release show this week. We chatted with Sami and Hannah about finding inspiration in [...]

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Outer Embassy released a 45 and plays a show at Hemlock tonight

Outer Embassy is a fairly new Oakland band formed by a trio of Bay Area vets: Aaron Deer (Daring Ear, John Wilkes Booze, TV Mike), Graham LeBron (Rogue Wave, you may know him as DJ Golden Gram), and Josh Miller (Wrong Words, Extra Classic). The three kicked things off with a 45 release, that was recorded by LeBron. Interestingly, there's no guitars in this band, creating a sound that LeBron says "was born from the desire to find a distinct crossing point of 70s Krautrock experimentalism, West-African soul rhythms, and sonic space synthery." The record was recorded and produced by [...]

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Deerhoof to drop first live album “Fever 12164” on Nov. 27

San Francisco's Deerhoof have been around the music scene since their founding in 1994. Along the way, the band has released a total of 13 full length albums over 17 years. Anyone who has attended a Deerhoof concert would already know that their performances are somewhat of a Bay Area delicacy. With rabid dancing, splintered instruments, and an upbeat sound, Deerhoof often leaves listeners asking why, in nearly two decades of existence, has a live album never been released? Given their vast amount of experience releasing new material, Deerhoof have finally decided to hold up on their creativity in order [...]

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Layin’ Waste: New Bay Area hardcore label kicks off with 1234 Go! showcase

Over the last couple years the Bay's hardcore scene has experienced some turmoil — staple venues have shuttered, bands have come and gone, and mainstay acts have left the genre. The sense of community, however, hasn't diminished. Layin' Waste is a brand new hardcore label representing a group of family bands with members largely operating out of San Jose and San Francisco. Mainstays like South Bay's Busted Outlook are on the roster, bolstering a new tape with demos from an upcoming 12", and newcomers Profile, Tundra Hogs, and Winter Hill Gang, some featuring members of Creative Adult and Scalped, and many of [...]

Listen to Frank Abreau’s (of Strange Hotel) new solo EP

Frank Abreau, the lead voice of the rockers in Strange Hotel, has a new solo EP out. Entitled RIDE, the follow-up to his full-length Appetite finds Abreau exploring some new sonic territory, especially the haunting, industrial-tinged dirge "Release Your Mind" and the grungy electro-groove of closer "Julie Says." My favorite, however, is the song "Morphine" with its scuzzy bass line, lyrics that are spit out with vehemence, violence hanging onto every syllable, and a sense of desperation coating the chorus. Though it only consists of four tracks, the musical substance will have you coming back for repeated listens. [bandcamp width=100% [...]

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