Jay Som touring with Mitski in support of upcoming 7-inch

It's a big month for San Francisco's Jay Som, the solo project of singer-songwriter Melina Duterte. As she sets out for her first big North American tour with Mitski and Japanese Breakfast, she is also preparing for an upcoming vinyl release on Fat Possum Records. Re-releasing two older singles, the I Think You’re Alright 7-inch is slated for release on June 24 with "Rush" as the B-side to the title track (which you can stream below). The blue 7-inch vinyl record is available for pre-order via Jay Som's Bandcamp, along with the digital version. I Think You're Alright / Rush [...]

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San Francisco’s Commissure release EP in anticipation of West Coast tour

Despite the thinning out of post-rock torchbearers in recent years, a few pockets of passionate devotees have kept fires burning across the Bay. Most recently, it's been acts like the East Bay's Wander, who's new music video has racked up over 40 thousand views, and Commissure, who have been composing like-minded instrumental numbers since 2008. The expansive six-piece are returning with their first new release since 2012's "unknown realizations," partnering with Conditions Records (Lil Dowager, Super Unison) for a digital and cassette release. The two-song, 12-minute EP premiered recently, and shows Commissure adding trumpet and synth to their dense sonic [...]

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Lee Bob & the Truth release ‘The Light,’ perform at Sweetwater May 31

A year after their debut LP, Lee Bob & the Truth are back with a follow-up full length, The Light, which is available for purchase via Bandcamp. Their mission of harking back to the days when blues was an integral component of rock and roll is alive and well on The Light, although the political messages feel a but more subdued than their debut. Don't expect lo-fi production that you sometimes find with modern blues rock albums on The Light. Although Lee Bob & the Truth aimed to retain a live, spontaneous feel (which they do with great success), they [...]

Premiere: Cocktails announce new record, share title track

It's been two years since Cocktails ' last major release, but that doesn't mean that they just disappeared from the Bay Area music scene all together. Oh no: Not only have they been playing shows all over the city, we at The Bay Bridged have been waiting patiently to able to listen to what they have been working on. The wait is almost over, and on July 8 (the day before Phono Del Sol, by the way) Cocktails' new album Hypochondriac will be out to the world via Father/Daughter Records (click to go preorder).  The band recorded the new album at John [...]

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Premiere: The Sunset Shipwrecks release angst-fueled “Vengeance Will Be Mine”

What do you do when your band and your city meet their end? Start a new band and sing about it all. Well, that's exactly what Ryan Massey did when his band, Fat Wreck Chords/Lookout! mainstays American Steel, met its dissolution and the tech boom of San Francisco forced him to move out of the house he called home for ten years. The energy and anger this double-whammy instilled in Massey led him to start up a new project: The Sunset Shipwrecks The new band features elements of their timeline both old and new. Massey brought back American Steel drummer [...]

Premiere: Meet Berkeley’s Bows and hear their dreamy, ambient “Should Have Known”

(photo: Emily Hayward and Marta Dymeck The story of the Berkeley band Bows starts out with tragedy, but continues with desperation, fear, and a post-apocalyptic colony outside of Earth. Wait, what? We'll start with tragedy: Bows started with a break-up more physical than most musical projects. Before leaving to play CMJ with their other band Big Tree, singer and keyboardist Kaila McIntyre-Bader broke both elbows in a bike spill. Because playing her instrument, the piano, was impossible while she healed, she experimented making sounds on her computer and challenged bandmate Luke Bace (who conveniently plays the bass) to recreate them [...]

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Premiere: OVVN’s debut LP is uncompromisingly dissonant art rock

(I Love Myself And Want To Live album art by Phil Elias) Begun in late 2013, as a recording project with no intentions of live performance, OVVN have since expanded into an impressive four-piece. Centered around band leader Ethan Jayne's pitched vocals and atonal compositions, he's joined by Connor Alfaro (Acrylics, Fussy, the Down House) on drums, Jonathan Reddick (ex-Twin Steps) on bass, and Max Caufman on guitar. The experienced crew, affectionately referred to as "the boys," imbue the home recordings with a necessary urgency that has garnered the band attention from across the Bay. The foursome cultivate a tension [...]

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Get to know: Midnight Sons

When we released our Bay Area twang mixtape, we KNEW there would be some omissions. When there's so much going on around the Bay, it's inevitable when you try to provide a complete overview of a scene in an hour-long mixtape. In the comments, someone brought one such omission to our attention that I'm going to share with you right now: San Francisco's Midnight Sons. Midnight Sons got their start in what some might think would be the last place in the world for a country band to originate: San Francisco's Tenderloin. However, when you listen to primary songwriter Nick [...]

Premiere: Angelica Rockne’s new 7″ “When I See You/Joshua”

Angelica Rockne may live in Nevada City, but the former San Francisco resident remains closely tied to the Bay - she collaborated with western-pop band Evil Eyes for a time, she performs regularly in the area, and she recorded her 7" we're about to share with you at Hyde Street Studios with Scott McDowell. "When I See You" is a throwback to one of those 70's pop songs with a big, harmonious chorus that belongs on an AM car radio on a two lane highway. A slide guitar gives the track a country tone, while Rockne's voice has just the [...]

Get To Know: Tanukichan

Tanukichan is the new solo venture of Hannah van Loon, who recently left Trails and Ways after a four year stint with the band. Just yesterday she released "Bitter Medicine," her first recording as Tanukichan. It's a lovely introduction to her new project, with an (almost) never-ending bassline leading the way and constant harmonies that flowing from melodic to eerie and back again as they move. You can tell van Loon had a strong influence on the sound of Trails and Ways (and vice versa), but it's clearly a new direction. Give a listen to "Bitter Medicine" below. https://soundcloud.com/tanukichanmusic/bittermedicine For [...]

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