Premiere: Milk For The Angry’s new video, “Skin and Bones”

(photo: Chris Johnston) Words by William Wayland and Sosha Young Milk For The Angry’s super-stoked garage rock style comes from Kyle Stringer on bass, Jackson Langford on guitar, the ecstatic drumming of just-turned-21-year-old Cole Bailey and the maniacal lead guitar and vocals of Dana Lindström, the band's driving creative force. On a song about the primal pull to party, Dana's electric mischief moves like the monsters in all of us. When the drums start clicking and this potion’s flowing, you can't help but get swept up in the band’s catalytic enthusiasm just as you would at one of their live [...]

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Maggie Gently releases “Alive” ahead of May 29 EP

Photo cred: Amayah Harrison We’re stoked on this week’s release from a San Francisco pop-punk favorite. EP Good Cry arrives this Friday from queer indie artist Maggie Gently, the solo project of Maggie Grabmeier (formerly of The Total Bettys). “The songs on Good Cry were written during the dark winter days in the middle of a painful friend breakup,” shares Grabmeier. “Good Cry became an album of processing doubt, learning to trust yourself, and eventually seeing a glimmer of a future where things are OK. The songs on this album became healing affirmations that you can be a thoughtful, forgiving [...]

MAJK release long-awaited single, “Twine”

"Twine," the long awaited single from Santa Cruz folk supergroup MAJK, was released on March 15. Since the collaborative project's formation in 2016, the widely cherished yet likewise aloof acoustic quartet would manifest once or twice annually to share their transcendent, captivating tunes before vanishing in the mystic from which they came. Now, MAJK has finally offered us their lush and haunting sound in a stunningly-produced single. Twine by MAJK Mathew Harmon (Matador), Alexis Hawks (Audiafauna), Jeff Kissell (Marty O'Reilly, Wolf Jett), and Kelly Koval (Audiafauna) comprise MAJK. The only thing more extraordinary than their acronym is their idiosyncratic blend. [...]

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“Not My Loneliness, But Ours”: Topographies premieres EP with proceeds going to SF New Deal

In another episode of pandemic-inspired creativity and benevolence, dream pop quartet Topographies debuts their EP Not My Loneliness, But Ours. The EP was entirely written and recorded individually from each band members' home before being fused together. All proceeds will go to SF New Deal, a COVID-19 relief founded by residents — and run by volunteers — to support San Francisco’s small businesses and working people and to preserve and cultivate the city’s unique culture. The four-track EP has a gloomy tinge to it, reminiscent of sounds from new wave artists like The Cure or The Smiths. Apparently the apple doesn't fall [...]

Andrew Levin premieres “If I Died Today” with us

Most of us have been staring mostly at the same four walls for months now, so it's a relief to hear when someone is creating new things: Finally, something new to stimulate our senses! This week, Andrew Levin is here to brighten these long days with a new solo offering: "If I Died Today." Inspired by the outpouring of grief after the passing of a colleague — some of it, from those that didn't know the deceased, seemingly over-the-top and self-serving — Levin ruminates on how his passing would be received by the public if he, in fact, died today. [...]

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Recommended: Adam Spry’s new release, ‘Bonanza’

San Francisco singer-songwriter Adam Spry's new EP, Bonanza, is a welcome antidote to the lethargy and deprivation that some feel in abundance these days. The album lives up to its title too: It offers a boon of rich compositions, genuine lyricism, confident and tasteful guitar riffs, and sonorous tenor vocals that have an inspiriting effect. With his anthemic title track, the message for the album is clear: "Everything that I need is right in front of me / Everything I can see is waiting there for me / Bonanza / Bonanza." Following this opening track is "American Treasure," an ethereal, reconciliatory number that leads into [...]

Producer Thomas Jordan debuts new EP, ‘My Ex Stacy’

The producer for one of our recent favorite rejection songs is stepping out out on his own with a new EP called My Ex Stacy. Thomas Jordan, a Bay Area-based artist, crafts sounds you can late-night cruise to, inviting you to sit back and relax as the world around passes by. The shimmery R&B and laidback hip-hop vibes offers a step into Jordan's world, whether he's floating in a daydream on "Mars" or enamored by the hypnotizing "Mona Lisa". Jammy and Kezia lend their voices to what sounds like a ghosting situation on the playful "Absent". My Ex Stacy may [...]

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Mikos Da Gawd releases new vocal EP, ‘Awakening’

In the last few years, Mikos da Gawd has taken big steps into becoming a full-fledged artist. His album, Hell Yeah, Brother!, was jam-packed with some of his best dancefloor-friendly hip-hop and soul music made brighter with features from frequent collaborators like Elujay, Tia Nomore and Rexx Life Raj. Mikos takes a leap again and records his own rhymes for Awakening, his latest EP out on Bandcamp. On it, the San Francisco-bred, now Los Angeles-based artist bears his triumphs and spirituality, how "keeping it gawdly" has been the guiding light on his journey thus far. Listen below. Awakening by Mikos [...]

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Self Care come back to life with “Just a Ghost”

North Bay indie outfit Self Care has been delving into the more ethereal side of indie rock in the last few years. Their new album Just a Ghost drops today via Earth Libraries records, and like the title suggests, the record is ghosty as hell.  The album portrays the birth, life, and death of a romantic relationship from the POV of vocalist and songwriter Ryan Keller. Engineered and mixed by Kyle Lindauer, the new record is full of whatever the music equivalent of lens flare is. The band's affinity for dense and shimmering instrumentation is balanced by some lo-fi production aesthetics, [...]

New Tyler Holmes EP: ‘Nothing’

Thank god for all this new music that is raining down upon us these days, eh? We're so happy to hear from Tyler Holmes again, who today released a new EP called Nothing. It's certainly not "nothing": Even though it's just under 15 minutes long, in typical Tyler fashion it'ss a mind-expanding ride (but one that, like, you can kinda dance to). Nothing by Tyler Holmes Go get it on Bandcamp, where, today only, 100% of the profits will go to Tyler.

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