Brijean releases single “Walkie Talkie” off new album

Earlier this week, Brijean released the single “Walkie Talkie” off their first album of the same name and lordy, it’s a tune that’s hard to get out of your head and your body. Brijean, the musical duo of Brijean Murphy (Toro y Moi, Poolside, U.S. Girls) and producer Doug Stuart (Perhapsy, Meernaa) creates jazzy warm disco beats with all around positive vibes, those famous congas and everything that shakes. Walkie Talkie by Brijean What’s the sexiest word to rhyme with talkie and walkie? Sake, baby. Give this tune a hard listen and we hope you’ll support Brijean’s upcoming album (out [...]

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Seablite announce new album ‘Grass Stains and Novocaine’

Seablite are a four-piece dream-pop band hailing from San Francisco, bringing a bouncy fusion of My Bloody Valentine-esque shoegaze and West Coast garage rock. Their latest release, “There Were Only Shadows,” diverges from their shoegaze contemporaries with clean, chorus-laden lead riffs backed by a punchy, upbeat bass a la Shannon and the Clams. All the while, Seablite still keeps a base layer of distorted, reverb-drenched and more traditionally shoegaze guitars. The vocals sound like they’re coming from several different places at once. Both guitarist Lauren Matsui and bassist Galine Tumasyan contribute to the vocals but even when only one of [...]

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Neutrals announce debut album ‘Kebab Disco’

If you played me Neutrals' latest release, “Hate the Summer of Love,” it would be difficult to place it in any specific time. Like post-punk acts of the '80s, lead singer Allan McNaughton’s mouth sounds like it’s full of marbles and the bass line does most of the work that usually falls on rhythm guitar. There’s a stripped-down, almost dispassionate air to their music, but it doesn’t make it any less exciting. Rather, it serves to build up the mystique of the band and firmly cements them as the storytellers and the listeners as the audience.  Hailing from Glasgow, [...]

Waterstrider’s new single “Way Out” another nice sip off new EP

Waterstrider just released another single off their upcoming EP of the same name. “Way Out” is a more bass-heavy track than previous release “Breed,” which embalmed listeners in a gentle cloud of soothing keys and lullabies. “Way Out” is a booming collision between dark and light, like a cry for help and a call of release. Nate Salman’s airy falsetto floats and encompasses the electric feel of each track. The full EP hits the air June 28. He plays at Santa Barbara’s SoHo before cruising back to Oakland for some more shows. Stay tuned for show announcements.

Makeunder return with “Promethean Heat”

I literally said "Whoa!" out loud when this came barreling through my garage-sale-sourced speakers. Though he's been an Oakland fixture since the earlier part of this decade, I'm mostly familiar with Makeunder mastermind Hamilton Ulmer's Great Headless Blank-era work — just as surprising, but far more understated — so I was not at all expecting that opening riff. Produced by tUnE-yArDs' Nate Brenner, who wrote a lovely introductory essay on the track for Talkhouse, "Promethean Heat" portends a new release for later 2019: Makeunder's very first full-length, Pale Cicada. Keep an eye on Good Eye Records for news.

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Shutups come through heavy with “Cement Hands”

Off the heels of “Yellowjacket," here comes Shutups with “Cement Hands,” the second single from their upcoming Every Day I'm Less Zen album. With the release of the new single, the indie punk duo will be hosting a release party tonight at the Golden Bull with fellow Oakland bands Diesel Dudes, Lofter, New Circle and Rex Ruit. The song’s title comes from drummer Mia’s childhood nickname for her unintentionally strong punches to her siblings. In context of the song, it means metaphorically getting your heart crushed by a lover’s hands. Shutups will have additional shows around the Bay Area with [...]

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The Y Axes release “Get Away,” announce upcoming LP

Picture this: It’s the first day of your sophomore year of high school. You wake up in your twin bed and stumble into the shower. Your binder says “school sux” with those funny S’s, and you REALLY hope you get a class with that one person. The Y Axes’ latest single “Get Away” is probably what’s playing in your earbuds while your parents drive you to school. And even if those years are in the rear view now, it’s never a bad time to revisit them through the power of pop-punk. Alexi Belchere’s vocals are glimmers of moonlight over the [...]

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New Release: James Lanman’s ‘Mosaics’

Photo courtesy of James Lanman James Lanman is no stranger to the road. Fed up with the concrete jungle of New York City, Lanman embarked on a cross-country tour with only his instruments and the shirt on his back. Since then, his wandering heart has found a base back in San Francisco, but it is still most full when he's performing. Over the past three years, Lanman has performed for hundreds of audiences, including many "living room shows." Like the title of his new album Mosaics suggests, Lanman's experiences and influences have culminated into a work that has peaks of [...]

Geographer premieres music video for “Summer Of My Discontentment”

(photo: Brittany O'Brien) Just before hitting the road for his upcoming tour, Geographer has dropped the music video for “Summer of my Discontentment” off of his latest EP, New Jersey. Geographer was formed in San Francisco by Mike Deni as a American synth pop/indie rock band. New Jersey is the latest EP, released back in March, focusing on Deni’s transition in life of being without a home in the six-month gap between leaving San Francisco and moving to Los Angeles. He spent that time touring, couch surfing and at his childhood home in New Jersey where he began writing the [...]

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Oke Junior laces up the mitts for “Rocky” video

Oke Junior gained a ton of momentum in 2018: His album Outside Looking In was cosigned by major hip-hop outlets and ton top of that, Oke proved his mettle with a hard flex on Sway's 5 Fingers of Death freestyle challenge. The East Oakland's distinctive storytelling and cool confidence marks him among the region's burgeoning talent and after a 2018 like he has, best believe Oke Junior has no intentions of flying under the radar in 2019. The latest chapter from Oke Junior's story is the boxing homage, "Rocky". Produced by Chimchilla Beats, Oke likens his own come up story [...]

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