Spiritual Cramp drops new video, “Earth to Mike”

It's Tuesday morning, what're you doing? Probably curating some pictures of Labor Day brunch or a scenic beach sunset for your IG feed? Knock it off right now, that shit ain't punk. Do yourself a favor: take a break from your work emails, your late-morning doomscrolling, or whatever awful true-crime podcast you're binging — and check out Spiritual Cramp's new single "Earth to Mike." Directed by Timmy Lodhi, the video is a bump of high-energy Bay Area punk rock that will make you want to punch air and two-step straight down to the nearest moped dealership. If you need something [...]

Kayatta Patton drops new video with the “Sweetest of Ease”

Ever since she picked up a trumpet in third grade, North Bay rapper/producer/poet Kayatta has been making a name for herself as a soulful and engaging performer. Born in West Oakland, Kayatta Patton found inspiration in musicians like A Tribe Called Quest and Ms. Lauryn Hill, influences that resonate on her debut album Beautiful and Messy, which dropped over the summer of 2020. And while obviously there are social and political themes woven throughout Kayatta's verses, her newest video "Sweetest of Ease," filmed and directed by Anthony Jimenez, is an introspective look at her own personal journey. Check it out [...]

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Playlist: Our lost year, captured.

(Rexx Life Raj photo: Salihah Saadiq) It's been a year and a week since the Bay Area collectively dimmed the lights on our venues — not that you needed a reminder. And while we'll all be glad to retire words like "pandemic," "unprecedented," and "quarantine" from our vernacular later this year, "defund," "Karen," and "climate change" are likely here to stay. In a lot of ways, the past year has felt like a slow-motion collision of disparate moments shoved unceremoniously into a time capsule for future generations to gawk at in horror and awe. Isolation, grief, survival, wildfires, and yes, [...]

Video Premiere: Planet Booty flaunts finer things in “Connoisseur”

Photo: Rachel Radcliffe The Planet Booty bandmates have always been experts in funk, acceptance, and positivity, but in the video for their latest single “Connoisseur,” they show that taste is in the eye of the beholder. “The song on the face of it seems superficial, like a celebration of fine, fancy things and material items and being high class,” says frontman Dylan Charles Germick. “But it’s the exact opposite of that.” Set in the gloom of a post-apocalyptic world, the "Connoisseur" video, released today, reminds us that in times of distress, the little things can be the finer things that [...]

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Lil Flower Nasti comes up roses on ‘The Blooming’

Sarah Arnold was usually one to find herself behind the lens, not in front of it. A professional photographer in the live music and event spaces, Arnold steps out on her own as genre-hopping performer Lil Flower Nasti. Anchored by her strong voice and bold songwriting, The Blooming feels like a confident declaration of purpose. Despite its less-than-13-minutes run time, it features all the skits and voicemail interludes you'd expect from a classic hip-hop record. Unlearn The World, a mainstay in the Bay Area music scene, handles production duties — sending The Blooming back and forth between musical universes. Sometimes [...]

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Davis IL releases “Queenie Pie”

There sure are a lot of naked ladies in San Francisco lore. There's Sally Rand, who scandalized the 1939 world's fair (and made 859 O'Farrell — aka Great American Music Hall — a favorite night spot). There's....uh...lady on top of the Union Square tower? That's kind of all I can think of. ...Other than, of couse, Carol Doda, topless queen of North Beach. Davis IL (of Growwler) has released a tribute to Carol, called "Queenie Pie." TAke a listen here. https://www.youtube.com/embed/KZwm1WFGHOA

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SFCM and SF Symphony announce Emerging Black Composers Project

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music (SFCM) and San Francisco Symphony are partnering for a major new initiative, The Emerging Black Composers Project. The project aims to support the development of Black American composers who are early in their career. Composers selected to be a part of the project will collectively produce 10 new works in 10 years, with the first commission debuting in the 2021-2022 season. The project is part of larger plan from SFCM, which also encompasses a partnership with the SFCM President’s Advisory Council on Equity and Inclusion. “San Francisco Conservatory of Music is embarking on a series of ambitious [...]

Sylvie Simmons releases ‘Blue on Blue’ today!

It's hard to believe it has been six years since Sylvie Simmons released her debut recordings, Sylvie, after 35 years of critically-acclaimed music journalism. A lot has happened: fascism in the USA, a wee pandemic/mask war, and, for Sylvie, a terrible accident on the first day of recording for Blue on Blue that left her one-handed for quite some time. After multiple surgeries and much rehab, she returns triumphantly to pick up where she left off: in Tucson with her ukulele, Howe Gelb (Giant Sand) & the Gang, plus some very special guests including Jim White (Wrong-Eyed Jesus). Sylvie's voice [...]

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Bobcat Rob + the Nightly Howl’s new single, “Drain Pipe”

On Friday, August 12, Santa Cruz's Bobcat Rob & the Nightly Howl released a new single entitled "Drain Pipe." Much like a bobcat in a riparian woodland, the song is oneiric and mysterious. As an offering for those who often shy from the transcendental or mythical, "Drain Pipe" is a chance encounter. There in the bedraggled mulch is a rusted drain pipe: this strange alien thing to be sniffed. https://open.spotify.com/track/6Uc3Y75BewsnlNT4vH48gx?si=vx-YfhPWTsSw6YcWj2I5Tg "Drain Pipes," in the leagues and languages of the legendary Lambchop, is another by Bobcat Rob in a series of ethereal tunes released this year. Rich in textures and [...]

Get ready for Naima Shalhoub’s new album, ‘Siphr’

Remember Naima Shalhoub, whom we profiled back in 2017? She's back — with her very first studio LP. On August 6, expect her debut full-length, called Siphr. Recorded at Women's Audio Mission's San Francisco campus, the debut is a stirring tribute to her Lebanese-American identity. On "Two (Rivers in the Desert)," her most recent single, her parents and relatives — refugees from Lebanon — helped perfect the Arabic lyrics. Shalhoub's earlier work includes Live from San Francisco County Jail, as she remains involved in causes related to justice for the incarcerated, particularly girls and women of color.

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