Photos: Chicago’s Twin Peaks at Great American Music Hall

Twin Peaks (photo: Pedro Paredes Haz) Chicago rock band Twin Peaks performed at the Great American Music Hall for a energetic and rousing show in support of their latest album, Lookout Low, out earlier this year. The band performed with support from fellow Chicago bands OHMME and Post Animal and our photographer Pedro Paredes Haz captured the photos below of all the bands from the night.

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Premiere: Theaux Elliot, “CANTKEEPUP” feat. Jayem + Mayila

Elliot Slamet refuses to be boxed in. We’ve covered Slamet’s work on this blog before as EyyELL, one-half of Lord Morgan, but now the San Jose producer is starting to come into his own as an independent artist. Under the moniker Theaux Elliot (pronounced Theo ehhL-yuht), Slamet is slowly inching his way into songwriter territory — armed with the musical chops to not just produce, Theaux is also capable of molding sound into genre-crossing, fully realized songs that can only happen with a curious, but well-trained and tasteful ear. And a prime example of this new Theaux is his latest [...]

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Rexx Life Raj’s ‘Father Figure 3: Somewhere Out There’ is finally here

One of the most highly-anticipated albums of the fall, Rexx Life Raj's Father Figure 3: Somewhere Out There is out now on all streaming platforms and he already has his first headlining tour booked, bbs. Raj has been on full level up mode and on "FF3" it shows with contributions from Kehlani, Russ, Bas and it-producer Kenny Beats on the record to compliment the Berkeley-bred rapper's stylistic swagger and melodic sentiments baked into the project. If you haven't heard of Raj by now, FF3 is here to get you familiar.

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Band Art with Annie Bacon

“This album was all about centering connection, which is what I see as my purpose as an artist.” Annie Bacon’s folk rock has touches of Ani DiFranco and Joan Osborne but with more twang and the power of modern messages. Bacon wrote the songs off her second album, Nothing Stays the Same, over the course of a couple of years. Much of this album was created in 2016 after having visited Nashville for the first time. “It’s like I got a shot,” she says. Nashville was a place where everyone was writing and playing music; the industry felt like such [...]

Start a Riot with Sleater-Kinney at the Fox Theater

Riot Grrrl rockers Sleater-Kinney will play Oakland's Fox Theater, November 16 and 17. Their ninth album, The Center Won't Hold debuted this past summer with Mom + Pop, and serves up existentialist themes on a modern platter with references to technology-induced disconnection and dread. Songs like "Can I Go On" and "Reach Out" allow Sleater-Kinney's gravelly truths to escape amidst a lighthearted and danceable tone. The Center Won't Hold's sleek and vibrant sound is due in large part to expert production by the dynamic singer/songwriter/producer St. Vincent, who gives the band's politically and socially conscious lyrics a container from which [...]

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Blanket the Homeless releases new record at the Independent

Blanket The Homeless Record Cover In these turbulent times of friction and fire, it’s nice to see truly good work being done on a large scale in the Bay Area. Blanket The Homeless, a non-profit organization started by Ken Newman, provides both literal blankets to homeless folks alongside necessities like toiletries, socks, first-aid supplies, and other essential items. The organization is “committed to improving the day-to-day experience of people living on the street,” and announced a partnership with St. Vincent De Paul Society in July of this year. But it wouldn’t be a Bay Bridged article without music, [...]

The Bay Bridged Q&A: A Not-So-Awkward Convo with Beejus

There was a point in time where Beejus, host of the DIY podcast Awkward Convos with Beejus, didn't think he could carry a conversation. A bit of a surprising reveal, considering his easy-going personality and storytelling abilities as a rapper. But in an act of self-improvement, Beejus decided to put those growing pains on tape and started a podcast. It was a challenge that he didn't know would turn into anything, really — like most handmade projects, Beejus just wanted to try something different. Fours years and over 200 episodes later, Beejus' pod has rendered him just as much popularity [...]

Tia Nomore brings “Nu Chain” to OTR Sessions

Tia Nomore is about to reach a higher altitude when her upcoming album Level arrives later this fall. And if the rest of her new, upgraded sound is anything like "Nu Chain" and "Terminator Froze," singles off of the project, this firecracker rapper is guaranteed to keep the rest of 2019 lit. But before Level drops on Text Me Records, Tia teamed up with the OTR Sessions to bring a live rendition of "Nu Chain," filmed at Different Fur Studios. With the Sauce Band behind her back, Tia turns up the funk and smoothes out this payday anthem.

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New music + upcoming show for Pure Hex

With the success of their first single "Wind Stress," Pure Hex is keeping up the momentum with their latest song "Heavy Moon." Released under Honeydew Records, this six-minute masterpiece is a whirlwind of emotions. Heavy Moon by Pure Hex Following the footsteps of a previous project by founding members Zach Dighans (vocals, rhythm guitar), Max Edelman (drums), and Ian Hodges (bass), Pure Hex saw the addition of lead guitarist Hussain Khan and lead vocalist Marta Alvarez in 2018. The band's sound began to change from a simple, one-way rhythm base to an explosion of experimental tones and textures. As seen [...]

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Giorgia Angiuli brings high-intensity techno to Mezzanine

Celebrate Day of the Dead with Giorgia Angiuli at Mezzanine. The Italian-born musician will bring the energy with her high-intensity techno and dark house tunes, enough to make the dead turn in their graves. During her live performances, Angiuli focuses on the art of experimentation and her ability to manipulate different synths and sounds. Her dreamy voice effortlessly moves with the sound of flutes, keyboards, and drum pads, mimicking the sound of children's toys. These soft, ambient sounds intensify into an all-encompassing, energetic beat that makes you want to get up and dance. Angiuli's performance marks the second editions of [...]

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