The Lovemakers to bring back their beloved electro-pop at Alternative Cure cancer benefit

We're all in agreement that live music is the cure for for many ailments, right? Alternative Cure, a local non-profit, is taking this mantra to heart as they focus on their mission: to gift cancer patients and their families with memory-making concert experiences and raise funds for cancer research. Next week, they're putting on a benefit show featuring recently reunited Oakland electro-poppers The Lovemakers, local alt-rock stalwarts Scissors for Lefty, and Popscene/LIVE105 DJ Aaron Axelsen. Both these local bands have been teasing new work this year. The Lovemakers, who were on a four-year hiatus and have been more active as a band since 2014, [...]

Giveaway: The Bay Bridged 10th Anniversary Party ft. The Stone Foxes and more!

Next Saturday we will be officially celebrating our 10th Birthday with a huge bash at The Rickshaw Stop and we're giving away a pair of tickets to a lucky winner! Like old school rock 'n roll? The Stone Foxes are headlining. A fan of up-and-coming rock? Annie Girl & The Flight are on just before The Stone Foxes, fresh off tour opening for Against Me! last summer. How about one of San Francisco's most talented songwriters and a veteran of the scene? Say hello to John Vanderslice. Dancing? Show up on time and watch Hot Flash Heat Wave groove on [...]

The Bay on Bowie: Bay Area bands memorialize the iconic cultural hero

Our beloved Starman has passed on, and as the news has sunk deep into our hearts and minds, we at The Bay Bridged are giving a space for some of our favorite local bands and musicians to dedicate their David Bowie tributes, however they wish to honor him. The consensus, if we could ever come to one? It's quite hard to distill years of Bowie memories into words; many had their sexual awakenings to Bowie's package in Labyrinth; and so many parts of his body of work had a profound impact on people. Read their poignant words below. Derek Barber, Perhapsy/Bells [...]

A Wasteland I Like to Call My Home: Discovering Dookie a Decade Late

I was nine when I heard my first curse word in music. I had kept a mental catalogue of all the words my mom castigated my dad for saying in front of me as I was growing up, and had built a highly effective radar that caught any uses of said words in the world around me. Through my sister’s then new Sony headphones (the kind with the removable fuzz pads for the ears and the highly-bendable-but-easily-breakable headband) launched a slingshotting guitar riff that was to give way to the oncoming profanity, as my older sibling stared at me and [...]

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The Bay Abridged: Jan 13 – Jan 19

In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers will provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of last week's Bay Area concert scene. Anchors Up at The Octopus Literary Salon (Oak) Jan. 16 Jake Hansen is about to put Antioch, CA on the map. He has quite a collection of songs, but sadly you have not heard them yet. His set was a perfect example of what guitar and voice [...]

Preview: Quintessence–Combining the Arts

When music hits us, it affects virtually every part of our brain-- stimulating the frontal lobe all the way back to the cerebellum and everything in between. Our brains are musical, and it’s no wonder that translates to our bodies as well.  When we listen, we move. Or if you are, say, within the confines of the Muni or your local Safeway, you imagine movement. Or a reel, fictional or real, plays in your mind. Choreographer Khala Brannigan, the musicians of Brass Magic, videographer Peter Clark and four contemporary dancers seek to make the elements of the brain’s response to [...]

Nef the Pharaoh releases #Saydaat, performing with G-Eazy next month

The Bay Area is a blessing and a curse for aspiring MCs. Long considered one of the most consistent and prolific regional rap scenes in the country, the nation of “hyphy” has rarely shifted its scope or sound, built on oxymoronic but undeniable low-key bangers. While providing a geographic pride and communal spirit in the genre, this commitment to distinguishing themselves from external influences has not exactly produced a lot of nationally recognized figures. Although he has not been around for as long as many of his more experienced peers, Nef the Pharaoh has made an uncharacteristic mark on the [...]

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Premiere: Ben Pearce brings ‘Modern Non-Electronic Dance Music’ on “Say Hello”

San Francisco's Ben Pearce was happily playing guitar in Windham Flat, when lead singer Aaron Araki let the band he was moving to LA. "Playing with those guys was my life blood at the time," explains Pearce. "And the only way I could stand to lose it was to create something new." The result was a 6-song solo EP, and today, we're extremely pleased to present to you the first track, the incredibly danceable and fun "Say Hello". You can tell from the start that he's going to be just fine with his new direction. Listen and download right here: [...]

Get to Know: Ghost & The City

Oakland-based Ghost & The City has reinterpreted soul for the digital age. Incorporating elements of electronica, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and various subgenre offshoots, the project combines spacey grooves and atmospheric arrangements with genuine human emotions to move you the same way that Otis Redding and Irma Thomas and Ann Peebles did so many years ago without the aid of technical wizardry. Ghost & The City astutely understands that feeling can't be replicated by a machine alone, and uses electro embellishments to expand their soundscapes, not replace the human element. Their new six-song EP Patchwork Soul is set to drop January [...]

Video: Shannon & The Clams bring “The Bog” to life with new video

Shannon & the Clams have had a great year: Gone By the Dawn, their fantastic new record on Hardly Art, came out in September, which was followed by a tour and NYE spectacle at the Great American Music Hall. There's no stopping their momentum: they just released a video for their GBTD cut "The Bog" that so wonderfully fits the retro vibe of the jaunty, garage-y tune. Directed by Dan Shaw, Shannon's brother, we follow Clams member Cody, who's been kidnapped, through a narrative chock full of mystery, chases, and more in both urban and forest landscapes. His place of captivity is in [...]

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