Bay Area Valentine’s Day Concert Compilation

Photo by Samantha Marx What constitutes a “romantic evening” differs from couple to couple, and often even between individuals in a partnership. Some would say a night of thrashing to poorly mixed garage rock in a mosh-pit of tattered-jeaned teenagers is an adrenaline-induced avenue to affection. Others feel that for a concert to be of the right mood for romance it has to be of a gently delivered waltz or ballad variety. I’m sure quite a few people are even under the impression that live music is one of the worst ways to spend a date — with empty wallets, [...]

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The Y Axes release their new single “Meteorite”

The Y Axes are the poster space-babes, with a cosmic sound that is dancey and fun. The first of their four singles to be released this year, "Meteorite", was recorded by Aaron Hellam (Finish Ticket, Rin Tin Tiger, Black Map) at Hellam Sound in Oakland, CA. It is a melody-focused tune featuring minimal and tasteful synths, some great guitar shredding, a tight-but-driven rhythm section, and the memorable vocals of front-woman Alexi Belchere. The chorus of the song, where Belchere rips into the lyrics "Leaving town tonight / Out to where the light can't reach us," is undeniably catchy and evokes a vaguely nostalgic and [...]

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Part/Human premieres “Touched” off debut EP out this Saturday

If you're a fan of Silver Shadows, Tiaras, Ganglians, Fine Steps, Mayyors, and 90's acid house rhythms then Part/Human was sculpted for you. Multi-instrumentalist and Silver Shadows guitarist Margaret Rhodes began Part/Human as an electronic noise side project, enlisting Kyle Hoover (Tiaras, Ganglians) on guitar, and Julian Elorduy (Fine Steps, Mayyors) on bass. They blend all their musical talents and all their projects into something only they could create together with Rhode's vision. "Touched" is a perfect example of how this project is much more intimate. Their self-titled debut EP, recorded all in their personal homes, produced by Elorduy, and mastered by Antonio Gualco [...]

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Preview: Longings (of Orchid + Ampere), Nopes, Toyota, Spit Tips

Western Massachusetts' prolific guitarist and recording engineer Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere) is bringing his post-punk venture to the Bay at the end of the month. Longings play a dense, cerebral and polished brand of melodic punk that doesn't stray too far from the brand of angular rock that Killingsworth has made synonymous with his name. Previously known as Bergerons Books, the newly minted Know Lodge in downtown Oakland will be hosting the show, a quaint gallery space around the corner from Goodmother Gallery, another artist space that has been hosting a lot of smaller events in the East Bay. Despite its Oakland location, [...]

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The Greening bring collage rock to fruition with “All Of A Sudden Tomorrow’s Here”

The first time I met Karl Meischen of The Greening was at a cafe in the Mission, and the first thing I noticed was that he was dressed in a business-casual suit, had hair that stuck up in all directions, and could talk your ear off in a matter of minutes. But really, I'd never met such a ball of energy that couldn't be contained. He was also one of the most genuine people I ever met, too, but that was beside the point. The Greening has a sound that is best described with that energetic vision in mind. A [...]

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Tycho’s remixed “Awake” out now, featuring RJD2, Baio, and more

Awake, the fourth studio album released by San Francisco's golden group Tycho, just received a new spin on its eight track length. A remixed version of the breakthrough LP was digitally released earlier this month on Ghostly International, with the physical copy to be released sometime in May. It's been nearly two years since the release of Awake, and since then its captivating and ambient tracks of atmospheric imagery continue to shine and stray away from the typical electronic groove. The album's title track is a definite go-to when waking up on those early mornings, and never ceases to fail at starting the day [...]

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Video Premiere: Take a bright wilderness hike with Perhapsy in video for “All My Soul Swallowed”

Oakland's Perhapsy, in the wake of his single release for "All My Soul Swallowed," asks us a simple but important question: "Where are the outlets in the forest?" Maybe the questions aren't posed as crudely as that sounds, but his brand new video for the atmospheric, cascading guitar, lick-accented single explores such a wilderness adventure. Derek Barber (Perhapsy) stars as a musician attempting to play bass and music through headphones in what looks like Muir Woods but runs into the aforementioned problem. All this happens while a carved human bust ominously watches him. What's particularly stunning about the video, which was directed [...]

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Battlehooch return to Slim’s Saturday night

It's been awhile. Battlehooch hasn't played a show in San Francisco in six months, or about an eternity in local band years, so expect the city's staple psychedelic outfit to really bring it at their Slim's show January 30th. Recently returned from a 10-day songwriting retreat and a mini SoCal tour, the group is happy to be back in the city by the Bay, and promises a new, exciting show for its hometown crowd. Maybe expect a Bowie cover or two. Not to name-drop, but I share a rehearsal studio with these dudes, and I may or may not one [...]

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bAd bAd’s last show is Tuesday at the Knockout

Sadly, yet another promising San Francisco band is about to be no more due to a member leaving town. With frontman Christian Zamora leaving town to manage a few bars in the Caribbean (seriously!), bAd bAd will be on a semi-permanent hiatus. Christian tells me that even though the band is on indefinite hiatus, there are still plans to release a 12" LP this spring. Additionally, in preparation for their last show, they've shared a pair of live videos for their tracks "Rope Burn" and "Conundrum". Recorded at The Grassy Null studios in Oakland, they're the first two of a [...]

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Following tweet poll, Blackbird Blackbird, Giraffage, and Mark Redito to form an emo band

The arms of this Blackbird Blackbird member at our Phono Del Sol Festival sum up our excitement of his latest news: he, Mark Redito (fka Spazzkid), and SF local Giraffage are taking their friendship to the next level and forming an emo band. Mikey Maramag, the LA via SF via Honolulu electro-pop musician who performs under Blackbird Blackbird, tweeted out a New Year's challenge. We're not sure if they were expecting it to reach 500, but it did just that and 29 more. NestHQ was the first to talk to the guys about the reality of the project, confirming that it is, in fact, very real. [...]

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