Music + Giveaway: Front Country debut rootsy-fun cover of Tune-Yards’ “Bizness”

Melody Walker of Front Country, with her signed 'Whokill' vinyl The San Francisco-based bluegrass band Front Country has some new business up their sleeves. They’ve recorded a cover of fellow Bay Area local Tune-Yards’ “Bizness” that manages to preserve the rollicking fun of the original while translating the loop-heavy arrangement to the band’s rootsy vibe. The song isn’t a far reach for a few of the members, as some of the members play in afrobeat and traditional West African ensembles. To singer Melody Walker, the rhythms and styles of Merril Garbus’ songs “felt like home.” “She's such a strong female [...]

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Get To Know: Tanukichan

Tanukichan is the new solo venture of Hannah van Loon, who recently left Trails and Ways after a four year stint with the band. Just yesterday she released "Bitter Medicine," her first recording as Tanukichan. It's a lovely introduction to her new project, with an (almost) never-ending bassline leading the way and constant harmonies that flowing from melodic to eerie and back again as they move. You can tell van Loon had a strong influence on the sound of Trails and Ways (and vice versa), but it's clearly a new direction. Give a listen to "Bitter Medicine" below. For [...]

Kendra McKinley dials up the sweetness in “Honey” video

There's still no official release date for her promised sophomore record Treat, but we get another look into the sweetly dramatic musical life of Kendra McKinley with her brand new video for "Honey." Right off the heels of her video release for "Party Mask," McKinley is at it again with '60s flair with a video that's set up like a vintage Bond movie: psychedelic cut screens, stark zoom-outs on McKinley as the subject in calculatedly seductive garb, and roaming bass lines and skittering drums that would be at home on any classic soundtrack. But what shakes up the classic Bond [...]

Jeff Rosenstock and Upset to play Oakland Metro next Thursday

You may have missed the Jeff Rosenstock sing-along vocals recording event at 1-2-3-4 GO Records, but you don't have to fret, because you can still see them at Oakland Metro. Not only that, but Upset will be there too, because they are going on tour together. Overall, it's stacked lineup. Jeff Rosenstock has been active in music since 1995, performing in bands such as Bomb the Music Industry!, Antarctigo Vespucci, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, and so many more. He is really a legend in the scene, and yes he has been playing in the Bay Area a lot more [...]

The Redlight District of Santa Cruz: Redefined and ready to rock

Psychedelic rock and roll has never really gone away since the sounds of the late 1960s introduced rhythmic melodies with unconventional sonic properties into the mainstream. Bands like Cream and Led Zeppelin paved the way early, tearing down and rebuilding classic blues standards into the drawn out and deep tracks cherished by millions today. A resurgence of this style of dirty blues reared its head in the mainstream again with the likes of G. Love and Special Sauce or The White Stripes, whose sound circles around pushing the limitations of minimalist resources. The Redlight District, a revitalized Santa Cruz, CA [...]

Creepers release new song, support Bilinda Butchers at Swedish American Hall

Several iterations of Creepers have popped up throughout the years. The Bay Area group began in 2010 as a guitar and drum duo, but has since expanded into a 5-piece band. Understandably, the group slowed down considerably when founding members Shiv Mehra and Dan Tracy joined Deafheaven for their successful sophomore album, Sunbather. However, Creepers have returned with their own sophomore effort, debuting a new song and heading to the East coast for a string of performances. "Lost" sees the band pursuing a more mature, patient brand of songwriting. Acoustic guitars and swelling synths introduce what feels like a 90's ballad, but [...]

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Video: For Now is “Ready to Die”

Oakland duo For Now quietly released a video for their track "Ready to Die" not too long ago, and kinda blew my mind. Take a look: The shaky tension of the verses lead up to an explosion of a chorus that has had me singing to myself about my ultimate demise for a few weeks now. Zeina Nasr's dance moves are reminiscent of someone who has removed worry from their mind, but isn't quite holding it all together yet. I just love it. For Now, which is Nasr and her husband Alex Vittum, recently recorded their second full [...]

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Sales comes to Rickshaw Stop May 11

Sales, coming all the way from Orlando, Florida, is the type of band that doesn't need help from anyone to be known. They are fully independent - no manager/label/publicist, and they even recorded their brand new debut album in the comfort of a bedroom studio. This makes their appeal more apparent. For months, I had been getting texts, asking if I had listened to them, at first I hadn't, but when I did I was beyond excited. They are everything about bedroom pop that I love, with catchy melodies and heartbreaking lyrics. Their show at Rickshaw Stop on May 11th is [...]

Review: Celebrating Mac DeMarco’s birthday with Shamir at the Swedish

I'm always the type to be ridiculously early to all shows or, well, ridiculously on time. Depending on the show, this could either be what everyone is doing, or I am just all alone at the show, with maybe 5 other people. On April 30, 2016, I was one of the first people in Swedish American Hall. Probably mainly due to the reason that it was 21 plus, which to me was strange, considering the fact that Shamir has barely turned 21. The fact that it was 21+ may explain why for the longest time I was one of the only [...]

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Premiere: Listen to the dark sounds of Teal’s “See Myself to the Door”

James Rodgers of Teal is a busy man. When he's not drumming with Creative Adult, he's been recording and performing as Teal, which began as a solo project but has evolved into more of a full band over time. After a full length and a pair of split EP's in less than two years, Teal is set to release yet another full length, Near The Ground, on Broke Hatrè May 13. Preorder your cassette now for just $5 (Rogers tells me it will jump to $8 after the official release). One of the from Near the Ground has already premiered [...]

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