Budding indie band LOVVS premieres “King City Pt. 1”

After debuting their first single "So, How Do U Feel?" in April, emerging Bay Area indie artist LOVVS (pronounced "lows") releases another promising track titled "King City, Pt. 1." The song is chock-full of heavy synths and an infectious, dance-floor-worthy chorus, featuring guest vocals from Lyrah, another San Francisco based indie pop artist. LOVVS' music is written and performed on vintage synthesizers and drum machines, delivering a retro synth-pop sound on a bed of steady percussive beats. The subtle, almost atmospheric female vocals on this track are woven perfectly with the textures, creating a captivating and infectious hook. With this [...]

“Not My Loneliness, But Ours”: Topographies premieres EP with proceeds going to SF New Deal

In another episode of pandemic-inspired creativity and benevolence, dream pop quartet Topographies debuts their EP Not My Loneliness, But Ours. The EP was entirely written and recorded individually from each band members' home before being fused together. All proceeds will go to SF New Deal, a COVID-19 relief founded by residents — and run by volunteers — to support San Francisco’s small businesses and working people and to preserve and cultivate the city’s unique culture. The four-track EP has a gloomy tinge to it, reminiscent of sounds from new wave artists like The Cure or The Smiths. Apparently the apple doesn't fall [...]

Producer Thomas Jordan debuts new EP, ‘My Ex Stacy’

The producer for one of our recent favorite rejection songs is stepping out out on his own with a new EP called My Ex Stacy. Thomas Jordan, a Bay Area-based artist, crafts sounds you can late-night cruise to, inviting you to sit back and relax as the world around passes by. The shimmery R&B and laidback hip-hop vibes offers a step into Jordan's world, whether he's floating in a daydream on "Mars" or enamored by the hypnotizing "Mona Lisa". Jammy and Kezia lend their voices to what sounds like a ghosting situation on the playful "Absent". My Ex Stacy may [...]

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Maya Elise’s “Mycelium”: a shout-out to Mother Nature

Maya Elise has a way with music that speaks directly to the soul. The Berkeley-based folk singer-songwriter writes music that focuses primarily on nature and earthy themes. Elise draws inspiration for her music from the magnificence and splendor of personal experiences in nature, ones that have deeply shaped her as an artist. The result is a captivating array of melodies that allows the listener to picture the forest floor beneath their feet and the mountains in clear view. It's only fitting then that her latest single "Mycelium" premiered on Earth Day, followed by a home-recorded video in her garden. Sung [...]

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Sami Freeman releases new album, ‘Howl’

Hearing Sami Freeman's music for the first time feels like listening to a thoughtfully composed movie soundtrack pulled straight out of an indie film. The San Francisco based composer and singer-songwriter began her music career as a professional dancer and composer for dancers. Not surprisingly, her work has been featured in a number of films and TV shows. Howl is Freeman's latest album, a 12-track work that showcases her talents as a composer, pianist, and singer. Each piece is crafted with care, melding poignant piano chords with lush vocals. Vocals are absent from tracks such as "Olas" and "Novelle" while others such [...]

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Mikos Da Gawd releases new vocal EP, ‘Awakening’

In the last few years, Mikos da Gawd has taken big steps into becoming a full-fledged artist. His album, Hell Yeah, Brother!, was jam-packed with some of his best dancefloor-friendly hip-hop and soul music made brighter with features from frequent collaborators like Elujay, Tia Nomore and Rexx Life Raj. Mikos takes a leap again and records his own rhymes for Awakening, his latest EP out on Bandcamp. On it, the San Francisco-bred, now Los Angeles-based artist bears his triumphs and spirituality, how "keeping it gawdly" has been the guiding light on his journey thus far. Listen below. Awakening by Mikos [...]

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Noise Pop presents “No Place Like Home” livestream benefit series

This week, Noise Pop and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. will be launching its "No Place Like Home" livestream series to benefit the Bay Area music community. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 7pm, you can tune in to local artist favorites, who have partnered with Bay Area venues to raise funds for those affected by COVID-19 and promote awareness of their vital cultural contributions. Streaming is free, with recommended $10-20 donations that will go to the artists, venues, and Noise Pop's Staff Relief Fund. Schedule: May 5 K. Flay, Finish Ticket, Zelma Stone Benefiting Bottom of the Hill. Donate here [...]

Time Fraud premieres EP and video for “Cry Me A Highway”

Time Fraud is the musical venture of Oakland-based illustrator, zine maker, and musician Nick Wortham. He describes his art as a way to channel his anxiety into both his visual and audio works. His style is a heavy dose of lo-fi synthpop, 8-bit sounds and drowsy vocals that paint a somber depiction of reality. Somehow, the organic combination produces an oddly upbeat and dazzling sound. Quintessentially Bay Area, Time Fraud's latest EP "Cry Me a Highway" was recorded in Wortham's pickup truck while parked alongside the Bay Bridge. The whole recording studio was jerry-rigged from the confines of his vehicle, creating [...]

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May Day! Bandcamp takes no cut 5/1

Somehow the weeks have flown by and it’s almost May. Not to put words in Bandcamp’s mouth, but what I can only assume is in honor of May Day, the music streaming service is waiving their fees on the 1st of May. Now is a solidly wonderful time to buy music — digitally or records!? — because 100% of that hard-earned dinero will go straight to the artists. What about a pre-order of one of the Bay Area’s finest, Healing Potpourri? Excuse me? That baseline and those vocals? Get out of my car and into my life, or however that [...]

Thao + The Get Down Stay Down release Zoom music video for “Phenom”

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (photo: Jon Ching) Earlier this month, Oakland-based indie band Thao & The Get Down Stay Down released the music video for their latest single "Phenom." Shot entirely in a single take via the digital conferencing app Zoom, the music video is a brilliant adaptation to our current socially isolated environments. It's full of energy and choreographed remarkably. Eight dancers swirl around lead singer Thao Nguyen as they defy gravity, pass around and pour glasses of water, and construct a hulky body through multiple screens. The end product is simply mesmerizing, and a testament to the [...]

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